20 things you should know about visiting or moving to Panama City, Florida

Panama City Beach,Florida

Planning for an ideal vacation? Looking for a beach getaway? — Panama is the answer.

The city of Panama is situated towards North West of Florida. It is located at St. Andrews Bay and is the largest city. Ethnic diverse culture, varied entertainment opportunities, arts centre and the WHITE SAND BEACH, are some of the highlights of the city. High attractive environment along with varied tastes and different lifestyles makes the city environment compatible for a living. As per 2017 census, the city population comprises of 37,000 approximately. I.e. thirty-seven thousand. The best time to visit the city is from May to October which is the start of summer and the end of spring. Capitalinos is how the residents of Panama City are known as. Since the city has cultural diversity, the residents are multi linguistic where in English, and Spanish, Portuguese and German are spoken vividly. Commerce and tourism are major contributors to the city’s economy. Being situated near the Panama canal and ports, it is a hub for trade and shipping. As the city is located near the sea, the city is known for offering varied types of seafood.

20 things to do in Panama City, Florida:

1.Panama city beach

Located at the Gulf of Mexico, in the northern part of Florida, the city has beaches which are spread over 27 miles. The locals of Panama are more inclined towards Shell Island for spending some quality time at the beach. The island is accessible by boats since they are situated in remote areas. The island has rolling dunes, beautiful marine life and shorebirds; people can swim and have sun also bathe — a perfect way to enjoy the beauty.

2.St. Andrews Park

This is another point wherein the locals and the tourist can enjoy the beachfront, though the beachfront is underdeveloped. The park is elongated as trails wherein one can spot deer, and sometimes alligators near the shore. Tourist can relax, swim, take up snorkelling, scuba diving, and even do fishing at the shore.

3.Rick Seltzer Beach

The beach has lots of fun elements for the tourist, especially those who do not have access to the beach front. Rick Seltzer beach also consists of a boardwalk with sandbars in blue water. The spot has ample parking space allotted for the tourists. The beach is well equipped with showers, restrooms, picnic spots and benches. The place is tourist friendly and also appropriate for people who love to collect shells.

4.The museum of man in the sea

Found in 1976, the museum depicts the facts of the undersea world. The underwater world is explained and exhibited through various artefacts and interactive displays. They also have an activity for the visitors to experience and learn ancient techniques which the divers use for breathing. The visitors are allowed to wear and experience the brass diving helmet. The museum also has naval and commercial diving equipment, helmets and masks. The visitors are provided with more information through interactive sessions and also by displaying an audio-visual film.

5.Paradise Adventures Catamaran

The tourist can take up a day’s tour which is offered by Paradise adventures catamaran. The excursion includes a cruise ride to shell islands wherein people can undertake various water activities. The catamaran offers inflatable water trampolines; tourist can undertake activities like kayak, paddle boating and banana boat riding. The visitors can relax at the deck and sight dolphins. The cruise offers music, restrooms, bars and seating both shaded and non shaded. Visitors can plan their day undertaking the excursion.

6.Coconut Creek Fun Park

Tourist with children, coconut creek Fun Park is the complete package of entertainment. The adults and children can buy tickets for the day and spend the day at the park undertaking various activities. The park consists of two maintained safari themed mini golf courses along with maze both for adults and children. The maze acts as an open challenge for both adults and children and is a fun activity to undertake. The size of the maze consists of a big football field. The park also has facilities for snacks and beverages.

7.Conservation park

In order to reclaim and conserve the cypress and wetlands woods, Conservation Park is developed. The park has trails which are paved, and some have a boardwalk. The trail that is shortest is of half a mile, and the one which is longest is of eleven miles. The trails are maintained at decent levels. Hikers, cyclist and visitors with dogs (needs to be leashed) are major tourists. Wild boar, alligators, lizards and diverse bird life are major sightings. The park has parking and restroom facilities.

8.Zoo World Zoological conservatory

The zoo has exotic animals around the globe and also takes major steps towards conservation. The zoo provides various activities for the tourists like feeding alligators, snuggling lemurs and feeding the giraffe with the help of tower. These activities can be undertaken by paying an additional fee. it also has provisions for teaching youngsters about zoo keeping and conservation. Snack bar, gift shop, zoo petting are major other attractions.

9.Ripley’s believe it or not

The city has famous Ripley’s believe it or not a museum. One of the chains of museums wherein unusual displays and facts are displayed for the tourists. The museum has 7D theatre and also gift shops for unusual souvenirs. The museum has a laser course where the tourists can experience the laser course.

10.Martin Theatre

Tourists who are a lover of arts and literature, Martin theatre is a must visit. The theatre features live stage plays, musical events and tribute shows of classics by bands.

11.Wonderworks Panama city beach

Wonderworks are just an indoor amusement park whose objective is to educate and create awareness while entertaining people. The amusement park is both for adults and children. There are more than hundred activities at Wonderworks. Tourist can take a ride on the virtual roller coaster, dance on the giant piano. The park also has facilities to host parties and also has snacks and dining facilities

12.Panhandle helicopter tours

Panhandle helicopter tours offer 2-hour tour wherein the tourist can take the ride which helps them experience spotting of dolphins, loggerhead turtles and stingrays from the air. They also have services and offers facilities for aerial photography.

13.Panama city beach winery

A retail outlet owned by a family which sells wines which are made up of citrus, berries and fruits. Tourist can experience tasting wherein specific hours are allotted. The wines are national and international winners. The staff out there is too courteous and tourist friendly.

14.Gulf World Marine Park

The major focus of the park is to conserve the marine life majorly comprising of dolphins, sea lions and manatees. The park has various shows organized and undertaken for tourist attractions. The tourist can also experience meeting the dolphin or have an interactive dolphin time.

15.Race City amusement park

The race city amusement park is an old park with go-kart tracks. The park has many go-kart tracks along with mini-golf sessions. They have a varied number of games with parking and restroom facilities. They even have food kiosks for the tourists.

16.The Science and discovery centre of north-west Florida

The centre is a museum for children especially to make them aware and connect to the history, technology and science. They have an outdoor trail with playground and picnic facilities. Indoors the kids have hands-on experience to the wrecked cockpit. They even have facilities to host birthday parties, day’s tour for kids.

17.Décor by the shore

The store is majorly for shopping. The store provides the best beach chic accent, exceptional pieces which will make one nostalgic about Panama memories.

18.Club la vela

Tourists who have spent their day experiencing and undertaking various excursions can relax and enjoy the nightlife. Club La Vela is the most known club amongst the tourist. The club offers vibrant music and performances. The club also offers hosting events, parties with music performances.

19.Ms. Newby’s

Are you a music fan? Do you like Karaoke? If yes, then Ms Newby is the answer. A unique, entertaining experience with music, beach nightlife.

20.Shipwreck Island water park

A water park filled with activities for the family. Tourist can experience the gigantic wave pool of 5, 00,000 gallons, drop from the tree top drop and slide down through the pirate’s plunge racing slide. Groups can enjoy the twists and turns of the slides with the inner tube and many activity pools. The water park only hires trained and skilled professional staff to guide and help the tourists. There is a varied number of food and drinks kiosks.

The city itself has many adventures and places to explore and undertake. One is sure of taking many memories back home after spending a vacation at Panama City, Florida.