Set up the Liferay environment

This document intends to describe the process to setup the Liferay CE development environment.

The first step is to follow the guide in this URL.
Developing Applications with Liferay IDE — Liferay 6.2 — Liferay Developer Network

One issue is based on the document, it based on 6.2 GA4,but currently, there is no GA4 bundle could be found to download. So just download GA5 to have a try.

In the Eclipse, window-> Preference-> Liferay, there is no “Install Plugin SDK”. There is a same question on StackOverflow.
eclipse — Why does the Installed Plugin SDKs not show up Under Liferay in the Liferay IDE Windows Preferences — Stack Overflow

there is no ‘installed Plugin SDKs’ after uncompress the IDE — Community Forums | Liferay

Then Start to write the first Liferay application
Writing Your First Liferay Application — Liferay 6.2 — Liferay Developer Network

When create the Liferay plugin project, it needs to set the plugin SDK folder. need to follow this URL
Setting Up the Plugins SDK — Liferay 6.2 — Liferay Developer Network

Especially, not only to modify the app.server.parent.dir folder, but also to check tomcat.dir. The properties file default point to folder “tomcat-7.0.42” or may be other version. but the real folder may be not this.

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