Vimsquare ($VIM) is a cryptocurrency platform that is based on the AMM protocol


With the increasing development of technology and its effects on all aspects of human life and the globalization of intelligent services, significant and fundamental changes have taken place in the process of economic activities, including trade and international financial exchanges, so that this issue has led to new currencies (cryptocurrencies). Formed in the age of technology technology. The importance of digital currencies became even more apparent in the days following the outbreak of coronary heart disease. With the advent of many businesses online, the need for the presence of digital currency has been felt to the point that most of the world’s central banks are more serious about launching their own national digital currencies. Leading countries in this field are Russia and China. Like other Fiat currencies, digital currencies can be used to purchase goods as well as pay for services. Apart from that, in some online forums such as gaming sites or social networks, passwords can also be used.

and also With the advent of cryptocurrencies, the need for a place to convert these currencies into one another was felt. Exchangers provide conditions for users to market their cryptocurrencies or trade in pools. These exchanges are either centralized or decentralized, they have centralized exchange offices by a third party to hold the deposits of individuals during the merger. In fact, in these Exchangers, users’ assets are controlled by a third party. In contrast, in decentralized exchanges, individuals have complete control over their assets. But decentralized exchangers also have their limitations. The main problem of these Exchangers is the inability to cooperate between different blockchain chips.

What is #Vimsquare ($VIM)?

#Vimsquare ($VIM) platform seeks to create this interoperability by creating a suitable platform, so that the transfer of assets between different blockchains is possible. This helps to exchange cryptocurrencies in a unique platform, so that users will be able to exchange assets with different blockchains directly using a unique platform.

#Vimsquare ($VIM) is a cryptocurrency platform that is based on the AMM protocol. It allows users to make direct trades between their wallets. Unlike centralized exchanges, AMMs do not have an order book and the prices are determined by a formula. This makes Acardex a decentralized exchange that is backed by a network of trusted parties.TheVimsquare ($VIM) platform has several advantages over other decentralized exchanges. First, it offers anonymity, and decreases counterparty risks. Second, it is fast and cheap. And third, it does not require KYC. Fourth, it is free to use. Finally, it allows users to exchange their native tokens for ADA, BTC, and ETH. All of these benefits make Vimsquare ($VIM) the perfect platform for anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrencies.

It is a new dawn in the e-commerce industry and blockchain. We are happy to introduce the Vimsquare Marketplace token called $VIM.

Vimsquare is a cryptocurrency project created to support the platform. The $VIM token is the native token of the Vimsquare E-commerce platform. Vimsquare E-commerce platform is primarily powered by the VIM Blockchain Token.

The $VIM tokens are used to reward users for participating in different operations on the Vimsquare Marketplace. The token will serve as a pricing structure for product listing on the Vimquare platform. $VIM token will be used for platform product advertising fees, and subscription fees for upgraded customer accounts.


1. You stand a chance of making substantial money.

Cryptocurrency can be seen as a commodity that can be bought when the prices are low and sold when its value increases. Consider it an investment that appreciates overtime. And the assurance that cryptocurrency can earn you money lies in the fact that lots of people are willing to buy and trade Crypto tokens. This means that a willing market is always assured come what may.

Just make sure you’re well informed about the particular alt coin you’re about to purchase in other not to make mistakes

2. You’ll be giving alt coins a chance to grow.

There’s a saying; the grass is always greener when you water it. By buying these tokens you’ll be giving them a chance to grow by increasing its value. This means you’ll be contributing to the demand of a particular crypto token, indirectly increasing the value of that token. As a major postulate of economics states, sustained demand of a product increases the value of that product.

3. You’ll help checkmate the monopoly of Bitcoin.

One of the leading causes of inflation of a commodity is monopoly. Monopoly is a situation where there’s only one source of satisfying a need.

In this case, since Bitcoin has the leverage of being the prototype of cryptocurrency, it would be expected that its value would be out of this world.

Well, the current price of Bitcoin as at the time of publishing this article is well above $40,000. And this is in a time when they’re other prominent Alt coins in circulation.

Try to imagine what it would have been if they were no alternatives to Bitcoin.

4. Alt coins also use Blockchain technology.

If you’ve read our past articles on Blockchain technology, then you already know what it is.

Blockchain technology is a system of recording transaction information and other details in virtual blocks that are linked in chains to each other. This is the technology that is put in place to guard and modulate cryptocurrency and its transactions. Its strength lies in the fact that trying to falsify a transaction made would mean rewriting all the algorithm and information contained in millions of virtual blocks. Since this is impossible, the cryptocurrency in circulation is intact. It also means no single person in the world is in charge of the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin is protected by the Blockchain technology, and so is other legitimate Alt coins. has a token that’s protected by Blockchain technology.

5. They’re cheaper and easier to acquire.

Just like is mentioned above, the price of a single Bitcoin is way above most people’s income bracket. Of course decimal amounts of Bitcoin can be acquired also.

But it’s a better alternative to buy larger units of Alt coins with the same amount that’ll buy a minute quantity of Bitcoin.

A hundred unit worth of an appreciative Alt coin could make you a millionaire within some months or years!

Yes, think about the breakthroughs some Alt coins undergo that make their holders millionaires. The truth is, cryptocurrency has made a lot of people millionaires in recent years and their testimonies are all over the place.

6. Some Alt coins have their specific uses.

Some Alt coins actually have extra features which they embody. Some may be used as direct payment in select companies, and others may have other peculiar uses. has a crypto token that can be acquired like every other Alt coin as a form of digital currency.

The special feature of their coin is that it can be used to make purchases of a wide variety of goods on their site;

7. Buying them offers you variety.

Variety they say, is the spice of life. What can be more thrilling than opening your e-wallet to see a long list of Alt coins you own; bearing in mind that any or all of those tokens have the potential of blowing up at any point. That way you won’t regret not buying an Alt coin when it begins doing very well.

We believe you’ll finally purchase some Alt coins now you’ve been convinced.

But take care to have enough information about the Alt coins you want to buy to avoid making mistakes.

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Vimsquare Tokenomics

Token Name — Vimsquare (VIM)Token

Token Symbol — $VIM

Blockchai n — BSC

Total Supply — 360 million VIM

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