New and lots to look forward to

It’s been forever since the last time I posted an entry on this blogging site that i have. The few entries that I made are most likely about ios apps that are good for your babies/little kids. And I’m so much aware that my grammar sucks. But hey English isn’t my native tongue so spare me. What’s new to my blog is that you’ll be able to read not just about ios apps, but I’ll be also reviewing android apps as well and pc games and such. I’m also considering on reviewing health, beauty, fashion, relationships, pet care, movies and maybe food.

what ios or android app to review

Most likely the apps that I currently have on both my ipad and samsung s4. Other apps that will be recommended by my friends will also be considered as well as the “recommended” apps by the respectful app store of each platforms.

health, beauty, fashion, relationships, pet care, movies and food

Health. I maybe not be that healthy but I know some health tips. While not knowing some, I can research it for both you my reader’s benefit and mine as well.
Beauty. I’m not that conscious to how I look coz I believe that the true beauty can be seen from being simple. But then it doesnt mean that you shouldn’t take care of yourself. So this blog is here to also give you tips and review products that you’re wondering about.
Fashion. Almost all the clothes that I tried and wearing always suits me. Not to brag but that’s always the complain and compliment to me by the people around me. I can wear almost all kinds of clothes and which will suits me well; but this doesn’t mean that I cant help you pick which fashion you should go for.
Relationship. This includes family, friends, love, work and humanity! Some people may think that my life is cool or boring but to tell you honestly, the things I went through is nothing compare to others but I’ll try really hard to give a non bias advice.
Pet care. I had a dog, fish, rabbit and currently has a cat. I dont know much about this things but we can learn it together.
Movies. I don’t really see movies at the cinema but when I do it means that its a really good movie. If not then I just download it.
Lastly but not the least Food. I love eating! I grew up in a family that cooks really well (no, no e of them works as a cook). With my family’s good cooking, I became to know the taste of good food. I eat to some restaurants, fast food and others to see what the world has to offer. So expect pictures or maybe videos of places, foods or me cooking foods.

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