The Reasons You’re to Blame for the Fact that Recruiters Cannot hire Pink Unicorns for You

We’ve all listened to dozens of motivational lectures and read many books about the fact that “the team” is the main capital asset of the company. It’s in people that we must invest the basic investments. They communicate with our customers, implementing the strategies that we’re building. However, thanks to the employees, the turnover of the company grows from year to year.

Colorful prospects, motivational speeches and the enthusiasm of advisers don’t ring true in the real world.

The recruiter rejects candidates, because he thinks that “developer” is worse than “junior” and does not understand how it’s possible to be both “senior” and “developer” at the same time. Perhaps he sends you a resume of UI designers for the vacancy needing UX designers. Sound familiar? So just why is it so difficult for a recruiter to find a worthy candidate. Why do they call your demands, a search for the “Pink Unicorn”, while committing more and more of the same mistakes every year.



You’re certain that your HR team must thoroughly understand both programming and psychology. The task of the recruiter is to hire an employee who will be an expert in his narrow niche, necessarily creative, while obedient enough to follow the rules and protocol of your company. The candidate must fit into the team and simultaneously have specific skills (C ++ (C ++ 11, STL, Boost), programming on Linux or Unix-like systems (POSIX), have experience working with OpenGL (CUDA). And God forbid if the recruiter makes a mistake, to commit the sin of a typo, or not to know the difference between C + and C ++.

The recruiter, in order to recruit, must understand all programming languages ​​and platforms!


Well, we pretty much have forgotten that there were such things as mp3 players, floppy disks, and VCRs… If you think about it, there were no Ruby developers, language Swift, or Frontend developers some five years ago thanks to the development of Java Script. We’re looking for a candidate who can use Ruby, on the internal interface, Swift in firmware and Javascript in the browser.

Unfortunately, Universal Programmers simply don’t exist anymore! Nobody works in all languages ​​and with all platforms. Otherwise the candidate you’d want to hire, would still be studying to this day. Sorry, there is no time to work for this mythical unicorn to come into creation. You need a specialist who could FULLY, without relearning, be integrated into the work of the company. People like that are really hard to come by. Believe us, not a single HR person will be able to learn all the necessary languages to test a candidate thoroughly.


It is enough to place an advertisement about the position on several sites, and dozens of candidates who have the necessary skills will send in a resume. The fault of the recruiter is that he is not able to find the right employees, fast enough.


An unemployed top level programmer who browses sites to find work is not just a myth, it’s beyond the scope of fiction. The author would get laughed out of the publisher’s office. Good experts do not respond to ads. They have pretty worthwhile working conditions, so do not to engage in an active job search.

Your retail marketing department has a huge database of services for determining your target audience, finding their contacts and forming a pipeline, automating correspondences with them, Lead Nurturing and so on.

Your recruiting department does the same to find a good specialist.


Everything about the candidates can be found in the resumes that come to your HR department in mass bulk. After all, the job of a recruiter is to read a resume and invite the right candidate for an interview. Learn about all programming languages, platforms with which the candidate works, to find “bugs” in his knowledge base. Submit the best of the best for consideration by management.


The job of a recruiter has long become the work of a sales manager, and his task is not to understand all types of programming your campaign does, but to know where and how to find the programmers you need, narrow the pool down to the most satisfying candidates. Then write an invitation in such a way so as to receive positive responses. Many HR managers create positive branding for your company on social networks to increase your recognition and the loyalty of candidates.

Indeed it takes a lot of effort for a potential candidate to send a resume, and have him come in for an interview.


1. Provide the necessary software

A lot of companies are already processing hundreds of millions of candidate profiles, collecting all possible data from every available social and professional network. Moreover, they’re already using self-learning programs to determine the candidates that are the most qualified. Big data, data processing in social networks, self-learning search algorithms allow you to quickly implement the initial analysis, and accurately determine the shortlist of suitable candidates before the interview stage.

Talenbin, Entelo, Hiringsolved, Recruitin, SignalHire are examples of products that will help your recruiters find the right pink unicorn.

If the built-in e-mail services with an automated feature follow up do not suit recruiters, they can use already proven tools such as;,,,

Systematic selection of candidates can be compared with consumer marketing. Automating the system means avoiding oversights with the search and analysis of data, inadequate messages, and not answering to candidates after interviews by recruiters.

Today, in order to find worthy employees, it’s necessary to make the systematization of processes ideal, just as you would so in areas directly connected to commercial results.

2. Creation of accounts in social networks

For most companies in Silicon Valley, it’s already the norm to use social accounts not to attract consumers, but to attract candidates. SMM-methods for building brand attractiveness, simplifies communication between the recruiter and candidates while increasing the chances of interviewing the right candidate.

3. Top managers and department heads should participate in absolutely all stages of recruiting

from determining the qualities and qualifications of the candidate to working out the best search strategies. This does not mean that we need to participate in daily screening, but more so, to monitor the whole process.

One example may be, Google CEO Larry Page, who personally looks through the resumes of all applicants. The best gaming companies arrange real show-games, in order to attract programming “stars”. (Stripe, Weebly And CueMake Programming).

Also it is worth remembering. The moment when the pink unicorn is walking along the corridor of your company for an interview, 90% of the work has already been done.