Bringing the tipping-mania to Telegram: Announcing PandaTipbot.

We are committed to make cryptocurrency easy to use and accessible to everyone, everywhere!

As a part of our project that aims to bring Pandacoin tipping to all social media platforms, we are proud to announce PandaTipbot for Telegram.

PandaTipbot allows you to receive, store, and share pandacoins with your friends or acquaintances, right on your favorite messaging platform: Telegram.

We have been working hard to make it as reliable as possible, and provide you with the best Telegram tip bot in the cryptocurrency ecosystem!

The beta phase has been a great success thanks to our community members and their help.

You can already interact with the bot, and have fun making it rain pandacoins on all of your friends, whether it’s in groups or in private.

Join DigitalPandacoin Telegram group and get some pandas!

Find the bot at

Stay tuned and happy tipping!

Don’t forget to take a look at our charity initiative Panda4F@H, that allows you to earn pandacoins while offering your computing power to a good cause.

Mine Pandacoin while helping scientific research

The Panda4F@H initiative aims to donate unused computer power to scientific research through Folding@Home, and at the same time, reward those who dedicate that power to the cause.

Join us!

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