New logo contest

Currently we are working on rebranding Pandacoin (PND) to create a stronger position in the cryptocurrency market.
We felt that our current logo isn’t presenting Pandacoin as it should and needs to be redesigned towards the current trends on the internet.

Current Pandacoin logo

We are asking our community to be proactive and help us design the future new logo for Pandacoin; if you have or know someone that has design skills and knows how to present our coin and the panda in a strong and respectful way.

We will choose the best 3 logos that have been created and will let you vote for the best one.
To us, the community is very important and we want to give you the opportunity to be heard.

 — We get the source file
 — It needs to be a vector
 — Colors : Black, White, Yellow
 — Logo needs to have a Panda inside the design
 — The winning logo will be owned by Pandacoin
 — Should be recognizable when it’s small and far away.

1st place : 250k PND
2nd place : 100k PND
3rd place : 50k PND

The contest will end on:
March 27th 2018

Send your design to:

Social media:
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Twitter :
Telegram :