Pandacoin, a honest and fair cryptocurrency for everyone!

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” — Anne Frank

Honest and Fair

What do you think when you see these two words individually? How about when used together? They are two words that can mindlessly be thrown together, but do they have a real meaning in cryptocurrency? We feel they should. That’s the reason it is one of our largest commitments and one that we stand behind proudly.

Honest and Fair means that the Pandacoin team leads with integrity at all times. Pandacoin was created with a fair notification. Without an ICO. Without a premine. Without an instamine. Honest and Fair.

The development team will not discuss prices. We refuse to shill. We have a zero hype policy for ourselves. If you have questions, we will answer all questions honestly, albeit sometimes with a bit of excitement as we are enthusiastic about the future that is in store. Honest and Fair.

Easy to understand

One thing that Pandacoin has been committed to since day one is making cryptocurrency in whole easier to understand for all. Crypto Crash Courses were created, over 35 in all, to ease the learning curve for those who are new to cryptocurrency or simply brushing up on their existing knowledge. The Pandacoin development team is making a commitment to continuing these knowledge-based articles, to not only welcome those new to cryptocurrency but also to welcome those who will be new to Pandacoin. We hope to become a recommended starting spot for the new investor who is looking to learn.

We’re a team of volunteers

The development team that is in place now is a healthy mixture of new and old team members. The original creators who brought the coin to life, the workhorses who kept it going over the years while it struggled to keep its’ purpose, and the new staff who are excited to join the team and help take the project to heights it has not seen. While the staff is made up entirely of volunteers, on 30/1/2018, charter and non-disclosure agreements were signed to add long term structure to the project that was originally created just to help out some folks who had been scammed. We don’t have a premine that we are sitting on, nor do we have ICO funds to employ us. We obtained our coins in the same manner that you did. If you have skin in the game; believe us, so do we.

“Noone has ever become poor by giving.”

When thinking of a reason to say why we are doing what we are doing, this quote comes to mind. Whether it be raising money for charities helping pandas through the PND4PND program (with new charities to be announced later in the year), helping users with their PND/non-PND related questions or creating material to help potential investors, what we are doing goes further than your standard cryptocurrency. Read our roadmap for 2018. Talk to us on Telegram. Check us out on Slack. Hit us up on Twitter. Together let’s make a difference and do some cool things along the way.

Keep an eye on for further announcements!

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