Conga Composer is a popular Salesforce integration. It’s favored by both large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses.

But is it right for you?

There are lots of options on the Salesforce AppExchange, all from reputable brands. And deciding between the alternatives can be frustrating.

A well-chosen contract management system (CMS) — or “contract lifecycle management” app (CLM) — can transform your business. It will enable you to streamline, automate, and improve practically all you document workflows.

Get it wrong, on the other hand, and you’re setting yourself up for a multitude of headaches further down the line.

In this post, we’ll cover the main differences in relation to features, pricing, and, usability between the main contract management…

Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) is electronic signature software for businesses that regularly need to have contracts and documents signed.

The software is one aspect of Adobe Document Cloud, a suite of products that allows customers to store and access PDF files. Adobe Sign makes it easier for businesses and individuals to collect legally binding electronic signatures from clients.

One of the advantages of using Adobe Sign is the company’s workflow templates, and the software integrates with popular apps like Salesforce and Google Drive. And you can manage the entire process from your mobile device.

However, Adobe Sign is not your only option when it comes to collecting eSignatures from customers. …

Practice Ignition is a popular contract management SaaS solution with an intuitive dashboard and solid set of features. But is it right for you?

Picking the best contract management software is tricky. There are dozens of options that often look identical, with no discernible differences between features.

Make the right choice, and everything will flow smoothly. You’ll be able to integrate with your existing tech stack, automate workflows, onboard your team without any hassle, and create, send and track proposals at a much lower overall cost than before.

But get it wrong, and you’re setting yourself up for some big…

Ever worked with a prospect who makes you want to tear your hair out? Maybe this person sends you 6 emails a day. Or perhaps you’re frustrated with someone who is rude, asks invasive questions, or wants an answer and solution “yesterday.”

If you find yourself nodding “yes,” to all of these statements, remember that you’re not alone. Even the best sales reps encounter friction and personality conflicts in their sales conversations.

What matters most is how you handle the situation — and the goal of this blog post is to help you do exactly that: give you an arsenal…

The state of New York expects an economic boost from the creative industries this year. Mississippi has declared a year-long celebration of its creative sector. Meanwhile, media outlets from the US to Western Uganda are turning to creative types.

The feeling in the air in the world right now is that it is a great time to be a creative type and that perhaps we are on the cusp of a sort of digital age renaissance.

We’ll speculate on that no further while reiterating that all signs point to “yes” for the creative economy going forward. Even as creative types…

Massive amounts of energy, time and resources are invested into the event that marks the beginning of every new open season on sales deals: the annual sales kickoff, or SKO.

Inevitably, the energy wanes as the year progresses and team members get so bogged down in the flurry of day-to-day tasks, proposals, and quotas that they forget the themes, insights, lessons and messages that were shared during the kickoff.

So, how can leaders harness the energy of their SKO and sustain that velocity throughout the course of the year?

Know your audience and design your SKO around it

Many sales professionals bristle at the thought of being forced to…

The sales proposals that you present to prospects have the power to make or break a deal. The problem is that most sales proposals suck harder than a Hoover that’s fresh off the showroom floor.

Here’s why your sales proposals suck and how to fix them:

1. Your proposal is so ugly, its own shadow ran away from it

Why is it that marketers and salespeople put so much effort into the entire process of attracting and pitching a prospect, only to drop the ball five yards shy of the end zone?

Your proposal needs a cover page and professional formatting. The ‘look and feel’ of your sales proposal may sound like window…

You’ve found the perfect candidate who’s gone through round after round of interviews with your team. Everyone loves the candidate’s cultural fit, skills, and experience. It’s time to make an offer so you can close the requisition and focus on other open reqs.

But sometimes that last mile of the hiring process can drag on and on, all the while leaving the door open for the candidate to be wooed by another prospective employer.

Losing a preferred candidate to a competing offer is a valid concern for HR and recruiting professionals who invest heavily into the hiring process.

HR pros…

Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes for a moment. You’ve just received a proposal from someone who you’re considering doing business with and it’s the last remaining piece of information you’ll have to help inform your purchasing decision.

What is it that you’re going to notice about the proposal?

What elements are you specifically looking for?

Look and feel

How does the proposal document actually look and feel when you first see it?

Does the document appear to be polished and on-brand for the business?

Are there dynamic elements like video, custom images or an interactive pricing table?

Or does the proposal seem…

According to Forbes magazine, being an Event Coordinator is the 5th most stressful job. Event coordinators juggle lots of moving parts like keeping tabs on multiple clients, meeting tight deadlines, and dealing with unforeseen last-minute problems.

So when it comes to choosing a venue for their client, this should be the simplest of their tasks. But a lot of that depends on the sales process an Event Sales Manager of the venue provides.

As the Event Sales Manager, you want to show why your venue is the ultimate venue for a planner or coordinator to choose for their event. …

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