Open Apology from CEO of Toutiao Following the Ban of Neihan Duanzi

Neihan Duanzi (内涵段子) app
Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of Toutiao

I. Integrating the right values into technology and products

  1. Strengthen party building, enhance education of all the staff on the “four consciousness”, socialist core values, public opinion guidance, as well as laws and regulations, and truly fulfill our social responsibility.
  2. Strengthen the institutions of all business lines to fulfill their social responsibilities and include it into the scope of performance evaluation.
  3. Further deepen cooperation with authoritative media, improve distribution of authoritative media content, and ensure the effective dissemination of authoritative voices.
  4. We will increase the accountability of the editor-in-chief, correct the defects in our algorithm and machine review, constantly improve operation and review, and expand the existing operation and review team from 6000 to 10,000 people.

II. Reinforce community order and improve community atmosphere

  1. The company will make April the rectification month. We will set up a rectification committee, thoroughly check for problems in our products, report our progress to the supervision department regularly, and share our results with the public at the same time.
  2. Establish a blacklist system to permanently ban creators who violate community values.
  3. Start taking special measures to protect minors and to ensure the physical and mental health of minors in our product design, operation and review.
  4. We will build an online system of anti-obsession, anti-rumor and anti-vulgarity, and solve community problem through product design and technology.
  5. We will set up an expert group on content supervision, invite National Party Congress representatives, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference members, experts and scholars, media and other representatives from all walks of life, as well as industry professionals, to monitor the content and services of the platform. We will collect all their feedbacks and better enhance the quality of our content.



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