Plan for on of the ships available in Wind of Luck

Wind of Luck – Ship Review

In Wind of Luck, the ships are what drive your success, or your failure. There are a pretty decent variety of ships in WoL. Each ship is different and feature very unique characteristics. Each ship is inspired three regions: the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Asia. Each ship vary in speed, size, crew capacity, and weapon capacity. This adds depth to the game and make it much more of an experience when playing.

The first type of ship are the Caribbean ships. There are 4 ships inspired by this region. Among those, the Bermuda Schooner. This ship is known to be very fast which is very useful if under fire. The Schooner can hold up to 49 crew members and 12 cannons. Though the ship is among the smallest in the game.

Secondly, there are the Mediterranean inspired ships. The first ship is the Polacca. This ship is controlled by oars, meaning it does advance slightly slower. The ship is also not the strongest, too many hits and it’ll literally fall apart. The ship can hold up to 72 men and can hold 14 cannons.

The second ship is the Balancella. This ship is very small as it is mainly inspired by a fishing ship. The ship was most commonly used among Italy and Spain. The ship features a stronger hull meaning it can easily swim against tough wind and meaning its more manoeuvrable. This ship can hold up to 8 cannons and 30 crew members.

The final region is Asia. The Asian ships are the most powerful ships featured in the game. The ships also have a much more interesting model design. The designs are obviously based off of oriental ships which make them so much more appealing. Among them is the Kobuskon, likely one of the strongest ships in the game. The ship has a protective armour that helps prevent enemy boarding. The ship is also much better in high sea than coastal. The ship can reach a speed of 15 knots, and holds up to 180 men, and can carry 32 heavy cannons.

A second ship is the Catamaran. This ship is honestly one of the more unique ships. The ship features a double hull, meaning it has very good manoeuvrability in tough weather. The ship is much better being used in boarding your enemy. The ship reaches up to 10 knots in speed and can hold 32 men with only three 3 small cannons.

Each one of the ships in WoL offer players a unique experience. The ships are designed to each have something better than the other. Some ships reach high speeds, but don’t have many cannons. Some ships are just beast and can defeat an entire team with a few simple shots. The possibilities are almost endless when playing with these ships. The ships make the game so much more appealing, the details and designs put into the ship make it worth the time.

You can view all the ships at this link

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