The United States is the most powerful, wealthy, and influential country in the world. We are considered a leading force in global health. COVID-19 came along, but we are struggling to keep pace. Let’s break down where we messed up.

Trusting China

It is now basically undeniable that China’s COVID-19 censorship campaign could be the most globally damaging of the early 21st century. It has been well documented by the media.

US officials have admitted that trust of China’s fudged case counts and denial of human-to-human transmission likely reduced the effectiveness of their response. Dr. Deborah Birx said:

“You really have to go back and ask yourself, why wasn’t there this level of transparency when this virus exploded? I think people would have prepared differently if they had known the level of transmissibility of this virus.” …

Let’s face it. A key hole in the US COVID-19 response was late scaling up of COVID-19 testing, which was initially performed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It’s definitely intriguing to wonder how many lives would have been saved had the CDC had responded more efficiently. After all, South Korea utilized mass testing and tracing at an early point of their outbreak to “lower their curve” effectively and quickly.

But that’s in the past. By examining the story of the US COVID-19 testing crisis, many lessons can be learned from the mistakes and many insights can be gained to strengthen our current efforts. …

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