Humanized AI Chatbot: Enhanced Customer Interactions

chanda pandey
3 min readApr 8, 2020

We all know that bots are getting integrated with several services and brands need to incorporate the same into their business model to enhance the overall customer experience. From filling forms to provide personnel information and waiting for a long time to talk to an agent are things of the past, the evolving trend of Chatbot makes businesses available to the customers 24 x 7 and information is collected by way of easy-flowing conversations. In recent times, more and more companies are replacing website components with a Humanized AI Chatbots for better customer query resolution with accurate result.

Why make the shift? Why opt for Humanized AI Chatbot? The reason why businesses do so is because being cost-effective chatbots have proved their capability to increase revenue which boosts brand loyalty. Also, it comes with a bundle of features that is sure to give the customers an enjoyable and engaging experience while they navigate through the website. Human-like Chatbots can replicate human personality and resolve queries and customer issues by way of normal conversation.

Bots are well designed smart tools that can be integrated with payment service platforms and digital wallets. By that, users can make payment by initiating the transaction in the messenger platform window. Isn’t that amazing? This not only makes the process fast but also keeps users updated with their past transactions, payment success, expense record and other details to keep track of their activities.

As the preference of the masses has shifted from text-based conversations to voice-based interfaces, Humanized AI Chatbots can make verbal conversation with users and provide them with the solution making it all the more human-like and personalized. User can now speak their requirements and the bots are intelligent enough to capture the voice and give the best solution keeping the conversation engaging and informative.

It is very essential for businesses to know the audience preference to get a better insight about how to deliver quality service Chatbot analytics gives a complete overall view of customer history, customer behaviour and past queries which helps in understanding their needs and serve them in the best possible way. As we all know that it is very important to keep a seamless conversational flow to keep the users engaged and reciprocate with the bot. Humanized AI Chatbots have Natural Language Processing (NLP) and are designed to strike a casual conversation with the users while they resolve queries and provide with the best solution available. If the bot is designed to have a conversational tone it helps businesses keep the users hooked on to the website and allow them to learn about the range of services and products the business has to offer. Emoticons and icons help display feelings and build an emotional bond with the user to streamline future conversations. Bots utilize emoticon to give the user a personalized feeling and help them replicate human feeling by utilizing these emoticons. With the assistance of bot, users do not feel that they are left alone to converse with a machine or a robot.

Chatbots are intelligent enough to respond to customer needs by making smart guesses which are accurate. These guesses are not random but are based on algorithms and research. Utilizing the Artificial Intelligence and propelled calculations the bot can answer to the need of the client in the most ideal manner. Building your social media presence does give a boost to the conversion rate to many businesses. Social media platforms not just limited to posting pictures and making friends, Chatbots make sure your business has the required social media exposure to reach out to the maximum number of people. From letting customers put forth their opinion to help them to contact the brand, Chatbots have numerous features to facilitate customer interactions and give them a complete customer experience.

To conclude, it can be said that Humanized AI Chatbots have changed the method for client communication. With features that can replicate human discussion, bots can communicate with numerous users at one time and are accessible 24x7. With minimum expense, Chatbots are the newest marketing tool to increase revenue by building up the trust and guaranteeing satisfaction to the clients. Chatbots are made in a way to adapt to the needs of the changing environment. They analyse the changing need in every conversation that is made and keeps updating with the newest trends to serve the user better.



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