Why does your business need a Chat-bot?

chanda pandey
6 min readApr 16, 2020


A new decade has begun and technology is advancing at a great speed, new trends are arising along with a change in the mindset of businesses owners. They are now becoming open to adopt new technologies in their business model. However, there are brands that are hesitant to change and still believe in following the traditional style when it comes to technological advancements. We have all at some point in life contacted a company to either know more about their product or service or to log a complaint. Previously we had to connect on call, press multiple keys to get to the operator and then wait in the queue or drop an email with our concern and then get a reply after days which is very tedious and time-consuming. Also, many times the executives lack training and have limited knowledge to provide to their customers which results in unsatisfied customer experiences. However, with brands understanding the need of customer loyalty and a good experience for their users many of them have opted for AI Chat-bots which not only fastens the entire process but also gives an amazing overall customer experience.

Its 2020 now and bots have started becoming the new age, human support agents. With the amount of information, one can feed in them and make them efficient enough to interact with customers along with providing accurate and quick solutions it very important for businesses across all domains and industries to understand the need to incorporate AI-powered Chat-bots in their agenda and make way for bots in their business model.

From checking food orders to checking flight details, these next-gen bots are built to be great customer support agents. These bots store data about the previous activities of the users and respond accordingly which creates a sense of trust and comfort in users. The best thing about AI-powered Chat-bots is that they can study customer behavior and respond accordingly with complete accuracy and precision. If a customer has interacted with a bot for information about a particular product or logged a complaint with a bot regarding some inconvenience they faced with a particular product or service, these bots are able to store this information and connect with the customer from where they left, making the customer feel remembered and valued, which is great to increase the brand loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. This, in turn, boosts revenue and makes the brand like able by their audience.

The competition level in today’s world is increasing rapidly making it essential for businesses to always stay updated with upcoming trends, and AI-powered Chat-bots is one of them, in fact, a very important aspect that businesses should look into. It has been noticed that the initial stage of adopting bots is what businesses find difficult. The remedy to which is being headstrong and having a well-planned strategy and agenda to get started and make it a hit. Once the basic plan has been laid out and a team of experts is assigned the task it is almost next to impossible for anything to go wrong with including AI-powered Chat-bots into any business model.

Many business owners seek validation for adopting Chat-bots in their module. It is out in the open that along with proving excellent customer experience and satisfaction, bots also help in boosting revenue and reducing the operational cost by a great scale which is a prime agenda for all businesses always. They also increase the overall productivity as they are very quick and accessible 24*7. Bots not only help in building brand loyalty by understanding customer requirements and behavioral pattern accurately but also provide relevant solutions quickly. Because of the personalized and humanized touch, they are also responsible for word-of-mouth referrals from customers, which is very often positive. Yes, one can customize their bot keeping in mind both, user expectation and business requirement. Word-of-mouth referrals are the most powerful way to reach out to the maximum number of users with very less or sometimes even no cost to the company involved.

Yes, its time for organizations to completely adopt AI-powered Chat-bots as a part of their business model as it is of great benefit not only from the user’s point of view but also from the revenue point of view. The best part about these bots is that one can build them from scratch with the required elements incorporated in them as per the business plan. They are smart and intelligent. Apart from storing information in these bots and training them to be the best, these bots also help companies gather user data like user behavioral pattern, their past record of the interaction, what do their queries usually circle around etc. which helps the brand understand what the users are actually looking for or what perspective do their users have about them, which is a great way of deriving data to research and implement changes in their model to provide the best customer experience possible.

With today’s technology, there are endless possibilities to what one does make their Chat-bot more engaging and relatable for the target audience. With fun elements like emojis and GIF’s, people like interacting with bots and also sometimes build a bond with them. For example, it has been observed that very often customers ask the bot how they are or wish them a simple hello and even say goodbye and take care or see you later. This is the level of comfort and interaction AI-powered Chat-bots provide the users with. A good content strategy plays a vital role in building these Chat-bots, it is very important to know the right choice of words and framing the right sentences to which users would relate to and feel comfortable chatting with. This is when the humanized touch is added which is great for rapport building and communicating with the users. Users often even remember the name of the bot or it looked or what icon it was and relate the brand to it if the bot is able to strike the right chord with them. These kind of chat-bots can be obtained from agencies like Techved.

It is imperative that if customers have a good and satisfying experience with a brand they will come back for more, this is how repeat customers are made and businesses grow. It also reduces the cost of acquiring new customers which can be a tedious task for many companies. AI-powered Chat-bots are a complete package for uplifting businesses, from increasing the customer satisfaction ratio to keeping users engaged and comfortably interacting with them and building a rapport and brand loyalty, to increasing the overall revenue, reducing operational cost and even increasing the productivity of an organization on a larger level, they do it all.

In short, AI-powered Chat-bots are an easy and accessible solution to satisfy customer needs with complete accuracy and are available 24*7 which makes it very convenient for users to reach out to them. With high-quality support and very low maintenance for that matter, AI-powered Chat-bot is a great platform that companies should adopt and include in their business modules to extract the most benefit and stay ahead always.



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