Learning with Free Code Camp

I taught myself HTML and CSS in college years. My very first assignment was making a website for the hostel i stayed in. It was a static site. I had no clue about JavaScript back then. Nor did i bother to learn.

I realised the importance of JavaScript when i tried to startup (and failed!). My startup’s website needed to be dynamic and I had no clue how to go about it. I tried using Django and Flask, as I was comfortable scripting in Python. But despite my best efforts, I could not figure out the framework a full 100%. Then someone said i should learn JavaScript, for its versatility on client and server side. I signed up for online courses but found most of them too slow and boring. Two years went by without me learning anything substantial.

Two months back i discovered Free Code Camp. Haven’t looked back since. It is downright amazing! It has helped me lift the veil on web app development. I have learned concepts i thought i never would. I finally know how JavaScript (and jQuery), JSON/XML, APIs fit together. I have built projects that fetch data from servers and then displayed it in browsers. Ah the satisfaction!

The growth hasn’t just been restricted to skill set. As an individual, I feel powerful and confident. I am no longer shy to pose technical queries to developers at my workplace. We have started having “real” tech conversations. I have told them i am learning front-end development, and they keep providing me with tips and to-dos.

I will soon get done with the front-end development certification. Alongside, i am rebuilding my blog and portfolio from scratch. I have also started writing about the things i have learned. Will be posting them to Medium soon. This way the lessons would stick, and they may come handy for other learners too.

Looking forward to journeying all the way to the mystical yet awesome land of full-stack development.