DT 8/18/2015

There exists the one speaking thoughtlessly as with the stabs of a sword, but the tongue of the wise ones is a healing. — Prov. 12:18.

W13 8/15

We need to motivate fellow believers to display love and engage in fine works. When a fire is about to die down, we may need to stir the coals and fan the flames. (2 Tim. 1:6) In the same way, we can lovingly incite our brothers to show their love for God and for neighbor.

We need to ‘encourage one another all the more as we behold the day drawing near.’ Encouraging others involves motivating them to continue moving forward in their service to God. Just as inciting to love and fine works can be likened to stirring up a fire that is about to go out, encouraging others can be likened to putting fuel on the fire to keep it burning or to increase its intensity.

We all have the opportunity to motivate and encourage each other (especially within the family) for each one of us to do better in our service to Jehovah. Are we doing enough to stir up the fire, fanning the flame or adding more fuel? I know I have to work on that 😐

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