DT 8/18/2015

Be transformed by making your mind over — Rom 12:2

W13 9/15

Being transformed involves more than making progress or improving. A product may be labeled or advertised as “improved,” but essentially it is still the same product. There might be just one new ingredient, and the packaging might be more attractive.

…Hence, the transformation that a Christian must make is not simply the putting away of harmful habits, unwholesome speech, and immoral conduct. Some people who have no knowledge of the Bible endeavor to keep their life more or less free of such things.

“Be transformed by making your mind over,” Paul wrote. The “mind” relates to our thinking faculties. But as used in the Bible, it includes our mental inclination, attitude, and power of reason.

…we need to make an honest appraisal of our innermost attitudes and feelings, our goals, and our values. Such things may be hidden from public view. Others may tell us that we are doing well. Yet, we alone know if we really have allowed what we have learned from the Bible to transform us in these critical areas and to continue to transform us.

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