Invest in yourself

Originally posted in my blog.

If you got a passion, if you got a dream if you got a plan, just wake up and workout for it.

Invest in yourself.

A gym man spends hours and hours in workouts. An actor works on acting skill and posting various expression pictures in Instagram. An athlete spends his most of his day in practicing his sprint.

People doing the same boring thing over and over to achieve something wonderful.

So whats your dream? Are you really aware of it? Are you working on it?

Invest in yourself.

If you are a traveler, make a travel plan for the next six months. If you are a bookworm, list the books you want to read in the next year. If you are a learner, what are upcoming things you are going to learn — make a list?

Planning is the base model to achieve all the awesome things happening in the world. Make a plan, not just on paper but on your mind. No matter what, follow your plans to pursue your goal.

Be an autodidact to teach yourself how to learn from your own mistakes. Life won’t give the same day again. Enjoy it and live the life as you like.

Invest in yourself :)