[Event] Get 15+ stars in Star Grab!

Pandonia Arena team here.

It seems that the heroes are strong enough now.
It’s finally time to show off your powerful weapons and skills!
Achieve victory by earning 15 or more stars in Stargrab!

■ Progress Period
Nov 10th ~ Nov 23th

■ How to participate
1. Move more than 15 stars to the rocket from Star Grab.
2. Take a screenshot of the result at the end of the game!
3. Please post your screenshot and your game ID on the Pandonia Arena Discord [Get 15 Stars] Event bulletin board.
※ You can check the game ID if you touch the information on the left upper side of the main screen.

​■ Rewards and Conditions
1. To all participants: 50,000 Gold

■ Caution
1. If the contents of the post are stolen or the participation conditions are not met, the winner will be excluded.
2. Rewards will be sent to the in-game gift box.
3. The event can only participate once per person.
4. Posts with content that goes beyond the purpose of the event will be deleted or excluded from the event.

☆ Pandonia Arena Support
- Homepage:
- Customer Center:

☆ Wallet linkage and P2E feature update schedules are subject to change to improve the blockchain system.



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