Messaging has evolved considerably over the years, from text only communications (e.g., SMS) to much richer experiences involving emoji, images, GIFs, videos, location sharing, and more.

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Many of these Rich Media UI elements have achieved ubiquity such that they are standard; therefore, we are pleased to announce Pandorabots’ extension to the AIML standard to include:

  • Media like hyperlinks, images, GIFs, and video
  • Tappable suggested Replies
  • Buttons including postback, URL
  • Cards and Carousels (i.e., combinations of images with titles, subtitles, and buttons)
  • Typing delay and indicators

These features are, by default, optimized to work with Pandorabots’ Web Widget and have translatable parity with features from most major platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and GSMA-sanctioned RCS messaging standard. …

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.BOT is a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) from Amazon Registry Services that brands and developers can use to provide an identity and hub for their chatbots! To keep .BOT exclusively for bots, registrants must validate their bot using Pandorabots or one of the other five supported bot development tools that ARSI selected as launch partners.

As chatbots proliferate and mobile app downloads continue to decline, .BOT is poised to become for the web what Google and Apple’s app stores were for apps — for bots! According to the AWS News Blog:

The phrase “bot” was the 4th most registered domain keyword within the .COM TLD in 2016 with more than 6000 domains per month. A .BOT domain allows customers to provide a definitive internet identity for their bots as well as enhancing SEO performance. …

From developer meetups to the biggest tech conferences in the world, here are some of the places we’ve presented and will be speaking — come say hello!

— — — — — — Upcoming Events — — ——— —

ENTER2020 — University of Surrey — UK — (Jan 9th)

Steve Worswick will be giving his first public appearance of the year on Thursday at the ENTER2020 conference. He will be giving a short presentation and appearing on a panel discussing using chatbots in the travel industry at the University of Surrey.

CES 2020 — Las Vegas (January 6th)

Lauren Kunze (CEO of Pandorabots) — will be appearing at CES Las Vegas next week. …

IRL, a podcast from Mozilla that focuses on the health of the internet, returned this week with an episode on bots! Lauren Kunze joined in conversation with Veronica Belmont, who also interviewed a number of other experts on how bots have become increasingly pervasive and influential in our society, particularly when it comes to political processes.

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Be sure to give it a listen over @

Via IRL’s website: “From politics to poetry, bots are playing an increasingly visible role in culture. Veronica Belmont investigates the rise of social media bots with Lauren Kunze and Jenn Schiffer.’s Jack Hirsch talks about what happens when your profile is stolen by a political bot. Lisa-Maria Neudert measures how bots influence politics. Ben Nimmo teaches us how to spot and take down bot armies. And Tim Hwang explores how bots can connect us in surprising, and meaningful, new ways.”

In an article entitled “The Best AI Chatbots: Robots You Can Talk To,” Business Insider called out Pandorabots as among the best in class in terms of conversational artificial intelligence!

We especially appreciate the distinction between our mature, established platform that lets botmasters build actual conversational intelligence — rather than a simple drag-and-drop, no code, GUI that restricts users to building button-based decision trees dressed up with some snazzy UI elements.

Naturally, the article also mentions Mitsuku: everybody’s favorite, most capable AI conversationalist, and world’s longest continuous live-streamer.

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If you’re not following Mitsuku via creator Steve Worswick yet on Twitter you probably should be —especially if you enjoy the hilarious, bizarre, and at times touching absurdity of mankind and our relationships with machines.

Thanks for the ❤ ️Business Insider!

At VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2017, Pandorabots and Coca-Cola announced the Next Generation Vending project, one of several collaborations between the brand and bot platform featuring conversational ordering interfaces.

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Pandorabots CEO Lauren Kunze onstage with Coca-Cola’s Global Director of Innovation, Greg Chambers, in conversation with VentureBeat CEO Matt Marshall.

Interested in CPG + Bots? You can read more details direct from Coca-Cola:

Using the pb-html package, you can now easily deploy an application which provides a web interface for chatting with your chatbot.

If you’re familiar with the now deprecated AIML 1.0 system, you’ll probably remember how easy it was to publish your chatbot to a webpage using the “Custom HTML” tab in your dashboard. Now our APIs available via allow you integrate your chatbots into any application, however the “Custom HTML” feature was removed to protect the credentials and usage of your chatbot.

The pb-html package is a simple web server that can be deployed to Heroku with the click of a button. We’ve also provided a reusable, customizable chat interface for end-users to access and chat with your chatbot. …

We’ve had a lot of interest recently from users wishing to connect their Pandorabot to messaging services like Twilio. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how the Twilio platform works with apps, and how it can play with the Pandorabots API.

And thanks to Heroku’s awesome app.json Schema, we’ve also made it ridiculously easy to get your SMS-enabled chatbot up and running.

This post assumes you’ve already got a account, and have created a bot that can be reached via the Pandorabots API. For more information, see Basic Bot Deployment or download the CLI to get started.

Setting up your Twilio app

Twilio is a messaging and voice API that allows you to connect applications to a real phone number, and exchange data with that phone number via speech or text. …

Say you work in an industry like healthcare or financial services that typically deals with the treatment of “sensitive” end-user data. You want to build a conversational interface for your application, but you have concerns about using cloud services that might involve sending sensitive end-user inputs to third party services like Pandorabots for processing.

As a matter of policy, you may not send Pandorabots confidential information and, according to our Terms of Service, you must ensure that you take proper steps to obtain rights to send any end-user data to our service. …



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