Messaging has evolved considerably over the years, from text only communications (e.g., SMS) to much richer experiences involving emoji, images, GIFs, videos, location sharing, and more.

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Many of these Rich Media UI elements have achieved ubiquity such that they are standard; therefore, we are pleased to announce Pandorabots’ extension to the AIML standard to include:

  • Media like hyperlinks, images, GIFs, and video
  • Tappable suggested Replies
  • Buttons including postback, URL
  • Cards and Carousels (i.e., combinations of images with titles, subtitles, and buttons)
  • Typing delay and indicators

These features are, by default, optimized to work with Pandorabots’ Web Widget and have translatable parity with features from most major platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and GSMA-sanctioned RCS messaging standard. …



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