My business 1 month after I’ve opened the Pandorahub’s box

by François Justet, co-founder at SlowMov

Thanks to PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup, this month we have defined a very original proposal that successfully help us acquire a major customer! The program is a short term refundable investment and a useful way to infuse an innovative boost to your business.
A walk through Riba-roja d’Ebre, the village were PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup first pilot experience took place

What was in my mind before engaging to PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup program?

I met Diana by chance in the farm of a fruit & vegetable local producer at La Colmena Dice que Sí, also supplier for our shop SlowMov. She was looking for someone who could facilitate a workshop on permaculture and so she proposed it to this local producer. He told me about the rural revival movement of PANDORAHUB she was starting and specifically the PANDORAHUB FUN! Statup summer program addressed to startups. I was really interested on participating but I really had no time at all. I couldn’t leave our shop unattended for one full week. And anyways, what worried me the most at this stage of my project was finding financing. So no way for me of even thinking of something that would actually cost me money. It initially seemed not to be the right time for me, although all we she explained about the camp was quite resonating me.

However, I kind of felt that I could use the camp as a short break, which I had failed to do over the summer. A pause for taking a step back and reflecting on what we were doing and where we were going. I had this feeling that we had been developing our business pretty much based on constantly opening new opportunities, tackling many fronts at the same time, rather than following a real strategic vision or a previous prioritisation.

Indeed, before deciding to participate in PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup, I couldn’t even think I could afford the “luxury” of taking a few days off from my project, as it was only two months since we opened the SlowMov space. The shop and all the opportunities around had literally taken 150% of my time and energy every day since then.

One more busy day at SlowMov. Coffe is our star :)

I really wanted to start new business lines and take advantage of all the work done during the previous months. I also had in mind building a network of food producers and craftsmen, but the truth was that I felt a little stuck in my daily routine and didn’t not know exactly how to start with all the alternatives approaches on what we were already doing. I realized I definitely needed mind space for finding new ideas and perspectives and so I finally decided to break the routine and participate in PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup pilot experience.

At the end I understood Diana when she said “you can take it as a prior investment of time and budget for saving time and money in the near future”. Now I can tell, it is not that I don’t regret participating at all, but that if I wouldn’t have signed up for PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup, I would have taken a wrong decision!
PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup Day #1 warm up

An innovative hands-on program: No lectures or masterclasses at all.

It was a very positive and enriching experience to be in such an exceptional work environment surrounded by nature. Hanging around workshops and talks next to a river couldn’t more appropriate for my so needed self-disconnection. The incredible team of mentors made you think differently anytime and were very available to personally help you with your project. And of course a well selected group of entrepreneurs with whom to share experiences and moments of great laughter!

I found it a very innovative program and the manner in which each mentor’s broadcasted the workshops was useful. No lectures at all. It was all about following a process, acquiring and using the proper tools in each step, directly applying them into your business and strengthening our strategic thinking and business self-sufficiency. It was something completely new for me. I’ve learnt on how to make business ideas tangible, how to pitch my project in a clear message based on values, or how to walk on your customers shoes and better understand and respond to their needs.

Visible results after openning the PANDORAHUB’s box

Since I’ve opened the Pandorahub’s box, I’ve radically changed my way of facing business challenges, seeking solutions and shaping business ideas. Now I start focusing first on what we already have instead of on what we need or in the need for spending money trying to make our business ideas happen. Now, when a potential customer or collaborator approaches me, instead of start budgeting things , I take a large sheet and a pencil and I start drawing schematics, putting ideas or key words on paper without initially thinking in an specificall order. And then I connect it all together into a logical chain. This allows me to formalize more innovative and winner proposals.

This is how, thanks to PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup, this month we have gained a major customer! And this is why I strongly recommend other startups to participate in this transformational experience.