A Camera in the Room (Confessions)

“I was a 22-year-old student sugar baby and my daddy was 55 years old. I was a student from a different state and rented a room nearby the university while he was married with three children but wasn’t sexually satisfied with his wife. I was together with my Daddy for almost 2 months and we regularly met up and had sex in his second house during the day because he would be busy in the night with his family. I enjoyed his company. He seemed really nice and he did not show signs that he was abusive or anything. He would give me about $900 dollars’ allowance weekly for me to spend. Not only that, he even asked me to ‘rent’ his second house so that we could easily meet up if I wanted to. However, I did not immediately agree to live in his home since the relationship was only 2 months in. I only went there if I met up with him, usually in the day.

Sometime after 3 months into the ‘relationship, his wife and kids had apparently went on a holiday so he could spend the night over with me. After sex, almost sleeping, I realized that there was a blinking red light above the curtains of his home. I freaked out but kept calm so he did not realize that I suspected anything. When he fell soundly asleep, I took a closer look it turns out that it was really a hidden camera. He has been recording me all these while!

Extremely shocked with the disgusting behaviour, I left in the middle of the night and never returned.”

Hence, know that when choosing a daddy, make good sure that he’s not a creep. Who knows what on earth has he been doing with the recorded videos?