Never Needed My Daddy Like I Do Right Now

Some of the Sugar Babies (SB) are here for the financial support, but I am here not only for the money, but also the thrill. Looking back at my past relationships, there were ups and downs with boys that were immature. Boys or rather, men my age can no longer give me the thrill. I was done dealing with boyish behaviour and immature requests.


After my last break up, I decided no longer want to date boys my age. This was when I begin my search for older men. Fortunately, with a few friends’ advice, I was hooked right away. I found him through a sugardaddy website, and as dodgy as it sounds, I took a big step in meeting him.

Before meeting the one, I had a few dates with a POT. A POT is what they call a Potential Sugar Daddy. Some were nice but some were a bit nasty. Some of them were rude, some of them were very polite. Thankfully, I was able to meet a daddy that was just my type. Although he is slightly older, he is very trendy and constantly up to date with the latest gadgets and more.

The sugar relationship between me and daddy started with him giving me approximately $500 per week for allowance. We met up constantly and he would bring me for lunches, dinners, tea, breakfast- you name it. He was a very sweet gentleman I could say.

It felt like a real relationship. Well obviously I was always judged by people because I was seen going out with daddy to restaurants. No fucks given tho. Fast forward two years into our relationship, I could say that I am almost fully dependent on my daddy. From just giving me a weekly allowance of $500 per month, he now provides me housing, transportation, food and travels. This definitely feels much better than dating immature boys. I never needed my daddy like I do right now.

Thank you, daddy.