Vegas With Daddy

It was my first anniversary with Daddy. A year since me and daddy first met. A year since my life has changed for the better. Before meeting Daddy, I was a wreck. Almost flunking out of school, crazy ex-boyfriends, drug problems, fights, you name it.

I met Daddy back in early 2016 in a sugar dating website after a close friend of mine introduced to me. In the beginning, it was only the matter of curiosity when I signed up. Unexpectedly, Daddy messaged me, we met up, and the rest were history.


A week before our anniversary, Daddy surprised me with two first class tickets to Vegas. He asked if I was okay with going to Vegas for the weekend to celebrate. It was my first time going on a plane. And omg, first class seats?! It was going to be an unforgettable experience.

When we arrived at McCarran International Airport, a chauffeur was arranged to pick both of us up and we headed to our hotel which was called ‘Bellagio’. Bellagio was apparently rated one of the top Las Vegas Casino hotel. Daddy had an interest in gambling, hence the selected hotel. It was definitely the fastest weekend in my life. When we arrived the hotel, the first thing we did was to rest and to be dressed up for the night.

Daddy had made a reservation to ‘The Capital Grille, a fine dining restaurant famous for steaks and cocktails. When we arrived at the restaurant, our table was reserved at the private area and drinks immediately came as we sat down. It appears that Daddy had already ordered beforehand. Daddy knew my favorite steak and drinks. It was a really sweet gesture. Later in the night after dinner, I accompanied Daddy to the casino while he sat down at the private poker table where the stakes were $2,000 and above. My heart dropped every time he placed a bet. The game started with Daddy losing over $20,000 however later that night, flushes and straights were all he got. Daddy ended the night with winnings over five times his initial capital. I was hyped! He then rewarded me with half his earnings saying I deserved it for being by his side.

We ended the night back in the hotel room, enjoying the good pleasures of life ;)

The next morning, we were on the first flight back home because Daddy had an emergency that he needed to attend to. I was slightly disappointed as we were supposed to spend another day in Vegas. He assured me that we would come back again soon.

Happy Anniversary, Daddy.