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Dec 27, 2019 · 1 min read

The Pandroyty Project sells smartphone marketing solutions(LINP) using smartphones in Japan.

Website (Japanese)

Sales materials (English)

Stores can use this service to distribute coupons to GooglePay and AppleWallet customers via SNS and other media,
Stores can promote own’s store or send push notifications to your customers. Also, customers do not need to download the app.

In Japan, we plan to build a network of distributors and contract with hundreds of distributors within a year.

The store application supports English, Korean, and Chinese in addition to Japanese.

You can also sell in your country. If you want to sell it in your country, please send a message directly to the telegram account below. We look forward to hearing from all over the world.

official Telegram

In the future, we plan a global common loyalty program, as described in the white paper below. In addition, points issued from the loyalty program can be exchanged for fiat currency (initially only in Japan), can be exchanged for crypto currencies, and various other usages are considered.

White paper

Pandroyty Team


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Pandroyty Token(PDRY) is considered to solve the problem of current customer loyalty program.

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