USERVICE-Decentralized platform for Automatic services

The advantage of the perfect ecosystem for crypto is the challenge that companies are struggling to solve industry Cryptocurrency strive to outperform their competitors. In the near future and in accordance with the global body of statistical research in the next few years, the industry in the field of crypto is experiencing rapid growth, which can be perceived by some crypto search either for free or by investing in blockchain platform-based projects.

Blockchain technology platform is the Ethereal blockchain Uservice, where smart contract system will be used not only to deal with demand automatic care and maintenance, but also to save the history of any car at one of the chain block for further optimization by industry peers. The new approach is Uservice in this industry, where would be the basic block platform. This platform brings together all industry players: workshop, manufacturer, dealership, insurance companies to increase profits, the current customer and the effectiveness of the services provided.

How it work?
This platform will connect all the representatives of the automotive industry, car owners, insurance companies, banks, car service center, distributor of spare parts and many others would be interested in joining this platform to expand channels their sales, increase profitability and efficiency of the services provided.
Blockchain Technology
The recording of each transaction in the ecosystem to occur instantly. In a few minutes you can select a coordinate and pay for the service workshop, etc. Anywhere in the world.
Distributed database
Save the entire history of the car on the platform blockchain will make leading information aggregator be Uservice throughout the automotive industry.

The main from the sale of the token is to collect some funds to pay all costs associated with the creation of decentralized Uservice Blockchain Platform. The following diagram shows our plan of distribution of funds raised.
UST token
To implementing the platform, UService will run the ICO and UST Token will be generated. UST token has a wide range of applications, for example:
1. Make a payment for a service partner in Uservice platform
2. Service payments made with the portal partners (the cost of access, access to the customer’s request, the registration platform)
3. Exchange them to the USX token without charge (another Token class used in UService Web platform)
4. Purchase media placement at platform
5. Buy information based on analytic bigdata platform
6. Check if original spare parts or car
7. Receive


Through the use of the Process token will be allocated as follows:

-25% will be allocated to the development and implementation of technology blockhain.
-25% for all kinds of operating activities
-20% will be allocated to
adaptation of the software to new markets.
-15% for the Marketing
-5% for the legality of the law
-5% for security
-5% for the development of the other
With regard To the distribution of the Process Token will be allocated as follows :

-60% for public contribution
-20% reserve fund
-10% for team
-10% Event and advisors
-Tokens will be distributed with the symbol of UST, as for the details of this will be in UST Token are detailed as follows:

UST token will be the main to our ecosystem. The owner of this token will be able to use it to pay for purchases and any kind of payment for corporate partners in the service platform USERVICE.

In the year 2019, will introduce a secondary token USERVICE called USX which you can use to purchase in the system for token USERVICE UST. USX token will be passed with the required procedures in order to live can be a document value Uservice.

as for the info will then be poured on the web official information more detailed information USERVICE.

More info can be seen under here :





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