Indecision is where I lie

I ponder on thoughts that haven’t solidified

Swirling wisps of vapor without owning any where

I ask you thy gods of the realm to make me see

Clear this uncertainty show me the light to start my journey

Are we part of something big something more real

Have I come down with a mission to complete

Do we need to devote our life to their causes

Take arms against society and their rules to break the pattern

Is it my duty to procreate and follow the rules

Find love then raise the kids and make them follow the rules

Be successful and rise to helm of society

Become old then be envy of others and die peacefully

Am I give my life to better the society structure their rules

Become the father of the nation and rule for glory

Care for the poor safeguard the rules become its history

Grow old as every thing that was built fall away

So the options lies Infront of me glaring at my face

Ticking and Ticking till I make a decision and make my peace

To be a monk, a husband or a leader

I lie in this indecision and rotting away the years…

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