The Angel that Exists in the Internet

I came across you while scrolling through

The black hole of social media which We are addicted to

I saw your pretty face and thought to my self

Wouldn’t it lovely to hold her in my arms, one day

I hit play to a song your singing

The voice I hear as the sirens were calling to me

I’m struct by your voice alluring and smooth

Feeling the chains crawling upon my hands

Freezing me till I loose any sense

Her hair falls perfectly strait and curly at the end

Her lips are half full ready to be kissed

Eyes eyes were opals that shown till I was blind

Taking me prisoner in your jail of love

I do not know you yet I feel if though we met

Sailing in a boat just you me and the sea

I wanna exist in your world by your side

Till that day I hope to stay alive.

I’m not match for, you beautiful thing

But I wanna try to look the part as your mate

Love has been cruel to me so far and so well

I’ve closed my heart inside so no one may hurt it again.

But one day I hope to be at your side

Sharing heart body souls till the world falls apart.