Writing a novel that stays relevant for centuries is one of the greatest form of human achievement. There are many such texts which are relevant even after centuries of its conception. One such writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky and his book Crime and punishment, is one such book which has kept philosophers and thinkers of every decade pondering about it.

I want to explore what is it that makes such texts be that way.

One major reason in my opinion is that he has explored the concepts that society was debating about during that time and for the centuries to come; the origin of human morality, freewill, causality and existence of God. Not only has he explored these concepts but was also very brave in exploring these concepts. He was not afraid to imply the possibility of lack of meaning in existence, denial of existence of God and hence lack of existence of objective morality. …

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I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

God is a concept invented by men to make sense of life and our existence.

People create dogmatic belief system about what they should do in life or what they are meant to do forever and that is their fate, They don’t have freedom to make the choice to change current state of their life due to external factors that are not in their control. This is what Sartre calls being in bad faith; the reality bubble that people create and live in and refuse to quit that bubble .

If you break this bubble you are in the realm of nihilism and existential angst. …

For as long as I know I have been a nihilist. Even as a child I was skeptical about God and Religion and I would often contemplate and try to understand existence of life scientifically. Of course I didn’t know the word Nihilist back then but when I came to know about It, I was immediately infatuated by the idea. Because it was just very well articulated version of my own crude thoughts and feelings about our existence.

But being Nihilist for too long can be isolating and leads to alienation from society. Even worse is using Nihilism as a justification to live in mediocrity and and using it as a rationale to not be ambitious. …

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