The Accidental Journalist: Part VII — #AwanContra

Oct 9, 2017 · 9 min read

As the public continues grappling to find the truth about what happened in Las Vegas on October 1st, Accidental Journalist George Webb continues his quest to expose the corruption that has overtaken Capitol Hill. Make no mistake: the two are directly related. The public watches awestruck as the mainstream media and Deep State players trip over each other to fabricate a less-than-believable fairy tale about a lone, out-of-shape, older, inexperienced gunman who carried out a historic massacre from a single location. But one thing about which we can remain sure: the willingness of Elites to take innocent lives in furtherance of their personal financial agendas.

Meanwhile, we’ve had a foreign intelligence spy ring in Congress for a good 15 years, and the traditional press can’t seem to get far enough away from the story. In fact, CIA mouthpiece WaPo did its part by trotting out Presstitute Shawn Boburg to weave a tale of homework and family photos to justify Awan’s hacking of Congress, claiming that Awan’s crimes did not rise to espionage. How nice for Boburg. Has he notified Capitol Police they can end that part of the investigation? Of course, the Clintons have sent their best attorneys, including long-time loyalist Chris Gowen. All for a lowly Congressional IT staffer who Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims is being targeted simply for his religious beliefs.

Even after a year-long investigation found the Awan family hacked dozens of members, downloaded more than a Terabyte of data (equivalent to 80 million pages of documents) to an offsite server entirely outside Congressional control, produced faked evidence to investigators who characterized the deception as an ‘indication of criminal intent,’ EIGHT MONTHS LATER no one has been charged for those crimes. Hina Alvi, wife of Imran Awan, was allowed to flee the U.S. in March with direct help from then FBI Director James Comey & his Deputy Andrew McCabe, exactly one month after the family was barred from Congressional network access due to investigation’s findings. Imran didn’t quite make his escape in July when he was arrested at Dulles Airport for bank fraud. He was found to have wired more than $1 million to Pakistan in the months prior.

Journalist Luke Rosiak talks details with Judicial Watch’s Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell:

Though Imran Awan’s bank fraud case continues to slither its way through the justice system all but completely ignored by the mainstream press, Webb and his army of researchers and advocates continue to press the case on the spy ring Awan has been operating in Congress for nearly 15 years. Yet, EIGHT MONTHS after he was barred from the network, Awan has still not been charged for those crimes. Journalist Jason Goodman of Crowdsource The Truth managed to catch up with Imran after discussing his latest bank fraud hearing with George Webb on October 6th.

How can it be that no one has been charged for such a gross breach of national security? As most of you probably already know, the CIA has a long history of funding its own illegal activities through other illegal activities such as trafficking drugs as prize-winning journalist Gary Webb exposed as part of the Iran-Contra affair. The most explosive part of his investigation, and the one that is most often overlooked, however, is that cocaine smuggled into the U.S. by the CIA and sold to fund the Contras was funneled to impoverished urban areas throughout southern California to create a market for it.

After getting caught by Webb, the CIA started making it a more standard practice to use ‘cut-outs’ which are ostensibly private companies that keep the agency at ‘arms-length’ and provide ‘plausible deniability’ of illicit activities. However, in reality, they are funded by shadow investors with CIA money laundered through a complicit bank or foundation. This is what Indira Singh uncovered in 2002 when she exposed the Pakistani-manned CIA cut-out PTech that was funded by a Saudi prince who just so happened to be on a international terror watch list.

And despite having a blue chip list of clients including the Secret Service, FBI , IRS, U.S. Treasury, and Department of Defense as well as all the top U.S. accounting firms, the software company was apparently operating out of the basement of the Federal Aviation Association. Singh went on further to connect this spy ring to the funding mechanism used to arm Osama Bin Laden back in the 1980’s, even down to the same employees. The CIA had successfully infiltrated nearly every one of our key intelligence and military agencies via FOREIGN agents yet, incredibly, it also has never been prosecuted. Not only that, Indira Singh was vilified in the mainstream press for exposing it.

Historically, the CIA has used mafia-style ‘honey traps’ to blackmail officials with women paid to lure them into compromising situations. In recent decades, minor girls kidnapped from their local communities are being trafficked expressly for such purposes. In fact, The Intercept recently published an article about a Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (‘JTRIG’) document in which the use of honey traps is adapted to the digital world with the same ultimate goal of discrediting a target. At ground-level, these are also known as ‘Brownstone’ operations, and are set up along ratlines to protect them from intrusion by local law enforcement.

One powerful individual implicated in child sex trafficking during the Obama administration was Yousef Al Otaiba, who was named Washington’s most powerful ambassador and is reportedly in touch weekly with President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor, Jared Kushner. Think it far fetched? In 2013, Chuck Todd reported on Secretary Clinton’s cover-up of child sex trafficking to ‘protect jobs and avoid scandal.’ Individuals implicated included an Ambassador and security detail attached to then-Secretary Clinton. And it’s a bi-partisan issue, to be sure. Hear Tom Brokaw report on the child sex trafficking scandal at the Reagan/Bush White House in 1989 (second video). Meanwhile, television personality Dr. Phil recently had a guest on his show that had been sold into a child sex trafficking network that actively serves D.C. Elites (third video). Clearly, nothing has changed and, in fact, it has only gotten worse.

How does this connect to Imran Awan? Awan has been running the latest iteration of the CIA’s ratlines by smuggling heroin harvested and repackaged in Pakistan into the U.S. hidden inside mango shipments. That heroin and the counterfeit medication is sold on the street, to Veteran’s hospitals, clinics and animal hospitals where it is used to fuel the exploding opioid crisis our nation is currently facing. This drug money is then used to buy weapons which are shipped back across the Atlantic to terrorists groups throughout the MidEast. The ratlines are sustained using the child sex trafficking networks to compromise law enforcement and officials.

And why would the FBI be protecting Imran Awan if he was working as an agent of the CIA? Because as many FBI whistleblowers have attested in recent years, their agency has been infiltrated by the CIA via a Turkish/Israeli spy ring dating back to the Clinton administration and uncovered in 2001 by another whistleblower of historic proportion, Sibel Edmonds, the original ‘Classified Woman’ and founder of indie news outlet Newsbud. In her efforts to expose the foreign infiltration of the FBI, she, too, was vilified, harassed, and bullied though she steadfastly refused to be silent about what she knew. To this day, nothing has been done to prosecute the foreign spy ring she exposed.

Going back to Imran Awan and his work in running a CIA spy ring in Congress and their ratlines to fund terrorism, it is important to remember the CIA has a long history of arming terrorists dating back to the Carter administration’s decision in 1979 to arm the Mujahideen in a ploy to draw Russia into Afghanistan. The CIA wanted to seize the fossil fuels for its corporate masters, and poppy fields to fund its ravenous appetite for criminal enterprise. To this day, U.S. military troops guard those fields.

So if you think that CIA drug and weapons smuggling is a thing of the past simply because an incredibly brave journalist dared expose it, you would be sadly mistaken. In 2013, American journalist Serena Shim exposed a CIA ratline smuggling tens of thousands of terrorists and weapons from Libya and Iraq into Syria via Turkey on World Food Organization trucks. Within days of making her findings public, she was killed in an auto accident inside Turkey that was never investigated by the Obama administration despite repeated public assurances that it would be. No one ever even contacted Shim’s family and her mother, Judith Poe, continues to fight for justice in her daughter’s name.

In 2017, Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva exposed Western arms dealers for smuggling $1B worth of weapons to terrorists inside Syria under diplomatic cover. She fully documented on video the nine caches abandoned by ISIS, in which the weapons were hidden. In addition, an anonymous source provided detailed ‘Bills of Lading’ for 350 flights to various MidEast locations on Silk Way airline, which included 200 tons of white phosphorous (see embedded tweet, below). Flights primarily originated in Azerbaijan. Shortly after publishing her findings, Gaytandzhieva was interrogated by Bulgarian authorities who cared only to know the source of her intel, and was subsequently fired.

You may now be asking how all these foreign spies came into the U.S. and managed to find their way into positions of power within our government. It just so happens that former FBI Unit Chief, U.S. Naval Officer and Persian Gulf war veteran Michael F. McMahon discovered systemic corruption within the FBI’s National Name Check Program in 2008 - corruption he attempted to report. The National Name Check Program is a clearinghouse for all government employees but what he found was that records were closed routinely as a matter of expediency and background checks completed prematurely, providing FBI clearance to potential employees for whom leads including counter espionage, espionage and child pornography had not been followed through, creating a massive national security risk. However, like so many whistleblowers before and after him, McMahon was fired and marginalized. This can only mean that the corruption within the the FBI’s Name Check Program continues to this day.

Meanwhile, there is an abundance of evidence the Pentagon still actively shipping weapons to terrorists. At the same time, officials are reportedly destroying records of the $2.2B the CIA already has in contracts to supply ISIS inside Syria. This is in direct defiance of President Trump’s stated policy and an act that is technically known as high treason. At the same time, our justice system has shown us that it is simply not up to the task of adjudicating high-level crimes in a transparent and fair process, and our elected officials have made clear their loyalties lay with corporate masters, not the working-class.

We are seeing this dystopian dynamic play out with Imran Awan. While he is going through the motions on the bank fraud charges, there is absolutely no evidence that he will ever face charges related to his spying or selling of State Secrets. As TruePundit reported, Imran’s judge is an Obama appointee who gave thousands to his campaign when he was a Senator from Illinois. President Obama also appointed her husband to the D.C. Superior Court in 2011.

So, now that we are faced with the reality that not one single branch of our government is functioning to serve the taxpayers, the question we are left to answer is how to throw off the chains of this repressive regime?

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