The Horror & Hope of Gaza

In violation of a key condition of membership in the U.N., an estimated 750K Palestinians have been violently evicted from their ancestral homes by British colonizers since the Nakba began in 1948.

There were several conditions upon which ‘Israel’ was permitted to join the United Nations in 1949, one of which was that the status of Jerusalem must remain forever unchanged. Another key condition to acceptance was that Palestinians who had been violently evicted from their ancestral homes had a #RightOfReturn and must be permitted to return to their land. For, before it became a member of the U.N., Palestinians had already been terrorized for decades by European colonizers sent there by plutocrats who presumed to take the sovereign nation as a gift from the British Empire with the 1917 Balfour Declaration.

It was the British who presumed to give Palestine to the Zionists in 1917.

Neither of those commitments were honored.

Most shocking is that the people behind the Zionist movement colluded with Hitler to force the relocation of 60K German Jews to Palestine with the 1933 Haavara Agreement, which allowed Hitler to seize their assets to be returned only once the families reached Palestine, and only in the form of German goods. The quid pro quo was that this arrangement would boost the German economy for Hitler and, in turn, provide wanted ‘seed stock’ for the Zionists’ dream of creating a new Jewish race, as they had failed in persuading these Jews to go of their own volition, according to Jewish professor of History Barry Chamish.

When bribery and persuasion didn’t work, the Zionists used terrorism to induce German Jews to re-locate to Palestine.

And not only was neither condition for U.N. membership honored, the known terrorists who came to found the rabidly racist Likud Party and lead the wholly political Zionist movement, violated their agreement right out of the gate. And so began the British attempt to ethnically cleanse Palestine of its people with marauding gangs of terrorists, including future Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who slaughtered their way across the country, massacring entire villages at times in what has come to be known as the #Nakba. Accomplished Jewish contemporaries, including Albert Einstein, denounced Begin’s inhuman behavior at the time in a December 1948 letter written by 27 intellectuals calling out the known dangers of this fascist, terrorist group.

‘Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.’ Open Letter to NYT, Dec 1948

An estimated 750K Palestinians have been made refugees in their own land, many of whom are now trapped in #Gaza behind razor wire fence, surrounded by hundreds of Occupation Force snipers who murder helpless women, children, the disabled, journalists, & medics on a daily basis from the safety of their perches hundreds of yards away. For 12 years, the world’s fourth largest military has laid siege to Gaza, destroying all of its critical infrastructure, cutting off cancer medications & fuel supplies needed to run hospital generators, and blocking fishermen from making a living to name only a few of the daily #WarCrimes committed against them.

A Palestinian boy shot in the head Oct 2nd by IOF snipers, one of 44 killed since March. He did not survive.

Palestine has not a single tank or fighter jet with which to defend itself.

The situation was so critical already by 2016 that former top IOF General, Yair Golan, spoke out at a Holocaust remembrance service about the conditions under which Palestinians are being forced to live as being akin to those of Nazi Germany, only to be quickly forced to walk back his statements, then fired. Around the world, we are seeing legislation emerge that criminalizes any criticism of Israeli policies and practices, as well as crushing censorship on social media. Moreover, this year, the Israeli regime adopted official #Apartheid policy.

Meanwhile, Congress and the White House, both dominated by dual-Israeli citizens whose loyalties clearly stand with the Israeli agenda in opposition to American interests, have approved a staggering $38B guaranteed MINIMUM CASH in military aid to this regime, as our own veterans go homeless and without healthcare when they return from fighting imperialist wars of aggression to serve the interests of Plutocrats behind the creation of Israel, not the Americans and millions of innocents who pay for the bloodshed with their taxes and tears.

U.S. National Security Director, John Bolton, is a dual-Israeli citizen.

We boycotted #SouthAfrica for less than the crimes being committed daily by the Israeli government. And we certainly didn’t supply them with $Bs in welfare every year or censor criticism of their inhuman policy and practices. If you want free healthcare and college for your tax dollars, just move to Israel. Their life of comfort and security is on your dime. It simply could not exist without our $10mm per day in taxes going to support it and their depraved assault on the Palestinian people.

But the brutality of the Israeli regime can no longer be disguised behind the veneer of honoring Jewish history. Too many Jewish religious scholars, prominent Israelis, and increasingly those considered ‘Zionist Royalty,’ are coming forward to call out the fraud and warn the world-at-large about this Frankenstein monster behind the terror campaign across the MidEast.

Stopping it must be our singular focus as a global community.

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