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Google has hooked the country up with servers but now we have to ask: who will control the internet?

And then a long read on clothing in Cuba.

Fire up this song from this classic while you read the rest of this week’s post…

And here’s something newer from Kelvis Ochoa:

Alright, have you read anything from a Cuban author lately? If not, here’s two suggestions:

Dirty Havana Trilogy: A Novel in Stories “Banned in Cuba but celebrated throughout the Spanish-speaking world, this picaresque novel in stories chronicles the misadventures of Pedro Juan, a former Cuban journalist living from hand to mouth in the squalor of contemporary Havana, half disgusted and half fascinated by the depths to which he has sunk. Like the lives of so many of his neighbors in the crumbling, once-elegant apartment houses that line Havana’s waterfront, Pedro Juan’s days and nights have been reduced by the so-called special times — the harsh recession that followed the Soviet Union’s collapse — to the struggle of surviving the daily grit through the escapist pursuit of sex. Pedro Juan scrapes by under the shadow of hunger — all the while observing his lovers and friends, strangers on the street, and their suffering with an unsentimental, mocking, yet sympathetic eye.”

Dancing to “Almendra”: A Novel “Havana, 1957. On the same day that the Mafia capo Umberto Anastasia is assassinated in a barber’s chair in New York, a hippopotamus escapes from the Havana zoo and is shot and killed by its pursuers. Assigned to cover the zoo story, Joaquín Porrata, a young Cuban journalist, instead finds himself embroiled in the mysterious connections between the hippo’s death and the mobster’s when a secretive zookeeper whispers to him that he “knows too much.” In exchange for a promise to introduce the keeper to his idol, the film star George Raft, now the host of the Capri Casino, Joaquín gets information that ensnares him in an ever-thickening plot of murder, mobsters, and, finally, love.”

Have you ever had ropa vieja?? Dig out your apron people…

Ropa vieja is one of the national dishes of Cuba, consisting of stewed beef with vegetables.. Don’t forget the mojito and come back next week when we show you pictures of our trip.

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