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Many in the small town of Mocoa were sleeping and did not have time to evacuate to higher ground, and were swept away by an enormous mudslide after heavy rains caused a nearby river to overflow. The surge of mud killed and injured hundreds and destroyed many homes. via Nat Geo

How you can help: As of this posting, funds are still being set up. We will update as soon as we can get more information but here are two organizations to start:

Litres that Help

Colombian Red Cross

Now on to the post…

Post soundtrack: Fire up this song from two of Colombia’s greatest…

Here’s some more once you’re done with that.

Alright, have you read anything from a Colombian author lately? If not, here’s a suggestion:

(Note: You likely know about the great Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but if you don’t, he is considered one of the most significant authors of the 20th century and one of the best in the Spanish language with both a Neustadt International Prize for Literature and a Nobel Prize in Literature. So naturally, 3 of the book recommendations will be his.)

One Hundred Years of Solitude “One Hundred Years of Solitude tells the story of the rise and fall, birth and death of the mythical town of Macondo through the history of the Buendia family. Inventive, amusing, magnetic, sad, and alive with unforgettable men and women — brimming with truth, compassion, and a lyrical magic that strikes the soul — this novel is a masterpiece in the art of fiction.”

Love in the Time of Cholera “In their youth, Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza fall passionately in love. When Fermina eventually chooses to marry a wealthy, well-born doctor, Florentino is devastated, but he is a romantic. As he rises in his business career he whiles away the years in 622 affairs–yet he reserves his heart for Fermina. Her husband dies at last, and Florentino purposefully attends the funeral. Fifty years, nine months, and four days after he first declared his love for Fermina, he will do so again.”

No One Writes to the Colonel “Written with compassionate realism and wit, the stories in this mesmerizing collection depict the disparities of town and village life in South America, of the frightfully poor and outrageously rich, of memories and illusions, and of lost opportunities and present joys.”

The Adventures and Misadventures of Maqroll “Maqroll the Gaviero (the Lookout) is one of the most alluring and memorable characters in the fiction of the last twenty-five years. His extravagant and hopeless undertakings, his brushes with the law and scrapes with death, and his enduring friendships and unlooked-for love affairs make him a Don Quixote for our day, driven from one place to another by a restless and irregular quest for the absolute.”

Have you ever had a pandebono? Dig out your apron people…

First, find some frozen (or fresh if you’re lucky) lulos and make yourself a Lulada. If you’re of drinking age, feel free to jazz it up. Then try your hand at making some pandebono or if you’re adventurous empanadas.

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