What I Regret

Hi, I’m Chester Guiam a delay 4th year college student. With no idea where I want to be or what should I do in my life. I know that I’m not the only one experiencing this kind of dilemma but here I am will teach you something in life. Most especially for our Highschool or Senior High School students who still thinking what course to choose. Man! Piliin mo kung saan ka nag excelled, kung ano strengths mo nang mga panahong yan. That’s your interest and later will be your passion. Madami yan, art, sports, math, science or theater name it. Now, you may fear your parents because they are the ones who decided what course you will take and you’re afraid for they are the ones who will pay your tuition. So ano magagawa mo? Pera nila yun. Sila mag papaaral.
Wala akong nagawa kundi sumang-ayon nalang sa gustong pakuhain sakin. Tinanong ako nuon ano ba gusto ko sabi ko Sports Science dun talaga kasi ako nag excelled. Sabi ko Marketing kasi I learned how to be sociable but still they answer to discouraged me. Now, ano magagawa ko if I’m not built to be a smart accounting student, kung average or minsan below average rating marks pa. Does it make me a lesser person? I’m currently suffering in the situation full of regrets. What if I fought for what I really like or what I love doing. Where am I supposed today. Maybe a fitness coach, a team coach, a sports psychology, or in teaching. I regret many things, I wasted so much of my time. And now forcing and motivating myself to just finish the last year of being in college.

So my advice to the younger me is that, early in life you basically had that interest, I don’t know what it is but you know it. A skill you possess but you’re not aware of. If you don’t know what it is there are many talent quiz in the internet but the most realible source are your closest friends. Ask them what your strengths honestly and you will confirmed that to yourself. If you know it already whatever it is, FIGHT for it. I know someone and he’s my friend. He keeps on telling me that he will study in UP (one of the prestigiuos school in the Philippines). I don’t take him seriously but I saw the courage that he wants to study fine arts. I know to myself that his works are not good enough but I was surprised when I heard that he finally made it. He endures that talent determination test and passed. An example of a brave man who truly fought for what career he really likes.

Ask yourself, what talents you are good at, not only that but you think you’re allotting efforts on that thing because you imagine that someday you will be the person who you visualized to be. In music, art, sports, to be in a profession you dreamt of, an Engineer, an Architect, a CPA. Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t waste your time being the person you’re not. Chase your dream and when you’re there promise to yourself to be the best in that chosen career.

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