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Bee Underwater App to the Rescue

March 25, 2015

This week my sister dropped off three of her children at my house while she took her fourth child to a doctor’s appointment. That brought the total of children in my house to six.

For at least an hour, all the kids played nicely, with only one cousin intentionally locking herself in the bathroom to avoid her sister (tweens!). Then, the two kindergartners decided that my two-year-old was too young to play cars with them. Eli came to me in tears, choking on his fragile ego.

With some major diplomatic action, I convinced Ray and Rami to include Eli in their car game, but Eli was too bruised to join enthusiastically. At that point, I figured it was a good time to let him test out a new Pangolin game on the iPad: Bee Underwater.

The app is a puzzle that is based on the BeeZeeBee bath toy. Though Eli had never seen the bath toy or the app, he quickly caught on and forgot about being left out.

The app dropped an animal into the screen which bounced around until Eli dragged it to a matching space, rewarding each correct placement with an encouraging jingle. Eli didn’t seem to notice that the app cycled through four different underwater puzzles. He was just happy to move the elephant, bee, and jellyfish into place… That is, until Ray and Rami heard the game’s music and attempted to hijack the iPad so they could play too.

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