The summary of the fate and furious

(This article isn't yet edited. It was written in case you wanna know what you gonna and yes spoiler alert.)

Dorminic Toretto lived in Havana, Cuba with Letty Ortiz. In opening of the movie, he helped a man to race with a Cuban man and he ended up won the race. Oh, don't forget you will see a Coca-Cola ad xD. However, he decided not to take that Cuban man car and give that man his car. Tomorrow morning, when he went back from grocery store, he saw a women with her broken car and he came to help her. Then she told him that she knew him and give him her iPhone to show him something and she asked whether he decided to work with her or not. After that, he backed home thinking. On the other hand, Luke Hobb was at his daughter football match Her daughter was on the team "Dragon" and yeah Go Dragon. When he was with his daughter. Mr. Petty aka don wanna tell u his name asked Hobb to get the EMP device (working like EMP in Godzilla) and Hobb asked Dorm on phone to help him. The team gathered in Berlin. They are succeed in getting the device. However, on the way back Dorm crash Hobb's car and he ended up betrayed the team and took the EMP. Yeah, Dorm turned touge like the trailer. After everything, Letty didn't believe that Dorm turned againsthis family. Not to mention that Hobb sent to jail for this action. In jail, he was imprisoned in front Deckard Shaw (Very funny scene don know how to describe). And then, Mr. Petty ask the team to work with Shaw. The team gonna use God eye to locate Dorm and Ciper (that bitch in Cuba) came to the team station fight them and took the god eye. Thus, the team had no way to locate Dorm but Mr.Shaw is clever and told the team that the next sop is NYC. Before the operation, Eric Reisner (Petty's subordinate) took the to heaven. i was joking. he took them to the garage where there's a lot of cars took from criminal. And yeah, typical Roman Pearce wanted the orange Lamborghini xD Sadly, he couldn't take it 😔 the operation in NYC 🗽 is to secure the Russian nuclear activator was not in hand of Ciper. Sadly, the team couldn't stop Dorm but at least Dorm saved Letty. When Dorm with Ciper in plane, we knew why Dorm betrayed team because she had Elena and his son (yes, Dorm had a son with Elena back in Rio but Elena didn't want to tell him because of Letty just back). However, because Dorm saved Letty, Ciper killed Elena to make sure that Dorm won't do it again. Not to mention that Dorm shot Shaw dead in New York Operation. The next mission is to secure a submarine in Russia because it was a key to activate the Nuclear in the sea. Yeah, the team went to Russia and Roman Pearce got his Lamborghini (surprise). Because Ciper think that Shaw dead she stop track him (just god eye thing) but it is a trap. Both Deckard and Owen (the movie didn't tell how Owen was alive, and yes I'm sad because of this) recure Dorm's son. And everything goes as it should be Dorm didn't have to worry about his son. Dorminic and his family finished the operation incredibly but Ciper got away (fast 9: Ciper for sure xD). In the end, the team went back and have party and grace as always and yes that boy was named Brian (tribute to Paul Walker).

Dwayne Johnson


Vin Diesel

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