Episode 2 of ‘What the Hell Am I Doing?’

Bisexuality on TV, a dream, old beef, ‘The Uninhabitable Earth’, #eggcupgate AND MORE!

That’s right, folks! Despite a total lack of popular demand, I made another episode! Oh, and I figured out how to make it downloadable this time. As always, I will include timestamps and spoiler warnings in the descriptions.

This week:


00:00–02:53 — I explain why my GLOW section last week was so sparse, and make a pledge about running time (which I managed to stand by, with the help of some editing). Cracked article about Kayfabe:

Part 1: What the Hell Am I Watching?

  • 2.53–8:51 — Orphan Black (spoilers for Season 5, episodes 4 and 5)
  • 8:51–11:23 — The Handmaid’s Tale (mild spoilers for episode 7)
  • 11:23–22:09 — Bisexuality on TV (mild spoilers for House of Cards; Peep Show; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; You Me Her, and the TV Movie An Unexpected Love)
  • 21:53–25:00 — Top 5 sitcoms and cartoons

Part 2: What the Hell Am I Reading?

  • 25:00–31:15 — A dream sequence sparks a revelation about the past. No, not in the book, in real life. Also, I talk about American Gods a little bit (mild spoilers for the novel through part 1)
  • 31:15–36:17 — Next, I talk about David Wallace-Wells’ climate change piece, The Uninhabitable Earth. As promised, here are some of the responses:

(Continued on twitter here)

This is actually where I read the smoking analogy, not in the original article as stated in the recording:

  • 37:18–38:25 — #eggcupgate!
The tweet that started it all

The article about “British food” I mentioned:

  • 38:25 -end— Goodbye!

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