Seller On-boarding

Targeted to rectify— More than 40% dropouts even before the beginning of seller journey.

Problem Identification

Snapdeal was losing on more than 40% of its potential sellers at the time of on-boarding.

During the much awaited Project Sherpalo, it was brought to our attention that many of our potential sellers didn’t get convert. And surprisingly, that too in the very beginning of seller journey.

User Research

Please refer to this link: sheet (problem identification)
Snapshots of Research

Competitive Analysis

We studied the flow and on-boarding of major competitors in the market to leverage critical behavior points and rectify major issues.
Snapshots of Competitors

Information Architecture

On-boarding of sellers on the platform was a part of holistic experience and learning of various verticals. Keeping this in picture, an IA was created to make sure all verticals are covered in hand-holding of the seller.

Mock ups

Based on the wireframes and guidelines, the mock-ups that got developed.
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