Is it useful to buy Facebook likes? Read 3 reasons in both cases.

Pankaj Jangir
Jul 30 · 3 min read

If you want to gain a variety of likes for becoming popular through Facebook, then you need to concentrate on your profile picture and some promotional tools. In the world of technology, several online sites are there which provide several offers by selling Facebook likes. You need to type buy Facebook likes on Google, and you will get several sites about it. Before selecting the website, you have to compare some sites with each other. Now you will get the top site which provides likes. Have ever noticed that these likes are useful or not. In this content, you will get some knowledge about the pros and cons of buying Facebook likes.

Reasons for shouldn’t buy Facebook likes

Edge Rank

Edge Rank is a Facebook tool which determines the posts that the user wants to see. It’s challenging to get your posts into the News Feeds of your Facebook Fans as it is, but when your Facebook Page has Edge Rank. It will drop some issues on your posts, and no one will see your posts including your real Likes.

Fake fans

On the off chance that you begin continually posting things that your “Phony Fans” are connecting with, however, your genuine fans are not, at that point the majority of your exertion will be in vain. Lamentably, if you sell, for instance, practice gear, you won’t be posting something significant to your Fans who are keen on exercise and will possibly purchase from you.

Purchase Likes won’t make customers

In case you’re merely captivating with individuals on Facebook who have no enthusiasm for the items or administrations you sell, at that point, it’s a worthless action. You might probably draw in these Likes with specific posts that they are keen on, similar to pictures of felines, yet your odds of connecting with them with posts in your industry specialty and changing over them is zero.

Reasons to buy Facebook like

Facebook Contest

The Facebook contest is as yet the quickest method to draw in clients, and albeit like-gating is presently gone. They can produce Likes for your page. If a member makes the most of your challenge thought and needs access to comparable challenges and advancements later on, basically requesting that they “Like” your page can result in new faithful Fans.


After the contest, coupons are the quickest approach to get new Likes. Studies have appeared 57% of web-based life clients. Follow a brand for access to rivalries and free stuff. Notwithstanding something little like a 25% off coupon to your store will work.


That, yet Facebook offers a planning alternative explicitly for the objective of creating Facebook Likes is known as Cost-Per-Like. By viable testing and focusing on Facebook Ads, we’ve had the option to drop our Cost-Per-Like as insufficient. Figure out how to A/B Test your Ads to get the most reduced Cost-Per-Like.

Thus, these are some reasons for both cases whether it is useful or not. Through this, you may get some knowledge to buy Facebook likes or not.

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