PWA stands for Progressive Web Apps. Most web sites could benefit from using PWA. It not only helps to improve the page load time but also provides access to native features. Several case studies found out that PWA impacted the overall user engagement and those businesses see higher conversion rates.

What is a PWA?

Security is an important aspect of a system. To achieve the same we have to do a lot more than just log in authentication. Like authentication, authorization, data security, etc. We’re not going to cover each of them, but we will touch the part of it. Mainly authentication part.


Asp Net Community arranged Angular conference Nepal 2nd edition on 31st August 2019. Alok Pandey sir and his team took great efforts to make all arrangements perfect before conference. Approximately the audience count was 150.

We started the conference with keynote session by Stephen Fluin (from Angular Core Team). He…

Using Azure Pipeline

Developers test software in a local environment using servers such as LAMP, WAMP, node, IIS, and Apache. Local deployment is good in terms of fast development and debugging, but we can’t ship our physical machines to the client in order to access to the application 😂. …

Gentle guide to migrate require directive option to Angular

Wait! You must be wondering What the heck the title is? Don’t worry, bare with me, Its part of migrating AngularJS code to Angular.

There are many questions asked on Stack Overflow about “Should I write my directive code in link

Angular is one of the most extraordinary javascript frameworks available, because it all the features required for the web development out of the box. The change detection system is at heart of framework, it essentially helps to update bindings on a page. …

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