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Sandblasting is the process of propelling abrasive materials with high pressure against a surface to smooth, clean, and shape a certain rough surface. This process is used with various materials like stone, metals, aluminium, wood, glass, etc.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the types of sandblasting processes and why they are beneficial.

Types of sandblasting:

Sandblasting is done through 2 types of mediums: Water, and Air.

  1. Water:

Primarily used for concrete or brick surfaces, this method is used to reduce surface deterioration. Pressurized water is propelled at the materials to decontaminate, clean, and smooth out the surfaces. In a country like the UK, people in various parts require processes like Blast cleaning Essex.

  1. Air:

Commonly used for metal surfaces, this process is useful for avoiding intrusion in the surface caused by water or other liquids. It helps to smoothen the surface without damaging the metal.

Benefits of sandblasting:

Some of the foremost benefits of sandblasting have been highlighted below:

  1. Less machinery is required:

You can work on your projects with this equipment since many companies offer on-site assembly and demonstration of the pieces of equipment. The machines are not very complicated and are easy to use. However, precautions like protective gear and others must be taken.

  1. Cleans the surfaces thoroughly:

With sandblasting, you can easily clean the surfaces of metals, wood, etc, and thoroughly remove all the contaminants from the surface. It does not damage the material and gives it an amazing smooth look.

  1. Can be used on rough surfaces:

This process is especially beneficial for rough surfaces. Uneven and rough surfaces can be easily smoothened and levelled using sandblasting. The process does not damage the quality and ensures a smooth surface shaped as per your convenience.


There are many benefits of using sandblasting and one can easily learn to operate it with some practice. If you are looking for a Sandblasting company in Essex, check out A1 Sandblasting Ltd. From providing sandblasting services to helping you learn to sandblast your projects; they have got you covered. They will set up the apparatus and demonstrate its usage for you as well.

So, if you are looking for expert sandblasting, do check out A1 Sandblasting Ltd! Conduct thorough research online to learn more about this topic.



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