The story of my data visualization project

Update (July 4, 2018): Though my project deals primarily with Infant Mortality Rates, I would like to draw attention to this #UpliftingNews: The Sample Registration System (SRS, Census of India) released a bulletin on June 7, 2018 which found a 22% decline in Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) from 167 in 2011–13 to 130 in 2014–16. MMR is defined as the proportion of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, and this drop in MMR goes beyond the intended target of 139 by 2015. …

The bed was beginning to get hot now.

What were you expecting, staying in bed till noon, she thought. The glass ornament near the window was beginning to catch light, reflecting it onto her face.

I should really get up. Shielding her eyes, she slugged out of bed. She headed to the washroom, grabbing her toothbrush on the way. Going through her morning routine, she planned the day ahead.

At the crux of the day, her reason for not getting out of bed, was her thesis. The next deadline was approaching, and she had made no progress on the draft…

Starting today, I’ll be posting something weekly as practice (and as part of a bet with a friend). Some of them might be long, others not so much. Prompt suggestions are welcome!

I’m going to a gathering with a friend. It’s noon when we arrive at the venue, a clear, sunny day with just enough wind to make it pleasant. Perfect day to have an outdoor picnic.

I adjust my hair as we step out of the car. I’m new to the place, though my friend has lived here for a while. She giggles, prompting a smile from me. …

Never imagined a poster would affect me so much.

I woke up in the middle of the night, though the phone said it was 5 a.m. There were a dozen notifications, messages from a group of friends in India. Reducing the brightness to minimum, I decided to see what they were up to.

One of the guys had forwarded a provocative poster — a woman bent over with the caption “F***s you till it Hertz.” The guys thought it was funny, but a girl I knew was offended. …

By Pankhuri Kumar

A volunteer serves roti as people eat at the langar on Sunday. © Photo by Pankhuri Kumar

It’s relatively quiet inside the gurdwara (Sikh temple) this Tuesday morning, as residents of Richmond Hill go about their daily life. The contrast is stark: the main hall of the Sikh temple, bustling with people on Sundays, is almost empty; the shoe rack, usually overflowing to the floor, has vacant spaces today, and the prominent store that is the center of activity on Sunday lies silent. But the basement of the Sikh Cultural Society Gurdwara remains unaffected by the day of the week. Here, every day is yet another day of langar.

Unknown to many New Yorkers…

By Pankhuri Kumar

Students playing soccer at Fateh Sports Club. © Photo by Pankhuri Kumar

It’s a cloudy, drizzly Sunday morning, the perfect weather for snuggling up and sleeping in. But at the NX Generation Athletics Centre in Westbury, NY, the game goes on, rain or shine. The Fateh Sports Club’s Fall season is in session, teaching South Asian kids to play soccer, volleyball or basketball, and the facility is filled with the cacophony of children and their screaming coaches. But getting to this stage, say the club’s founders, has not been easy.

Fateh is the first sports club for South Asians students in New York City. It hasn’t been an easy…

Pankhuri Kumar

Journalism and Computer Science @ Columbia University | Coffee, Books & Data

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