First step, the hardest one…

Life. This word has so many meanings and filled with so many different emotions. But what it means to me? At the age of 26, I am still trying to figure out what I want from my life. Sometimes I feel this search is endless. My life is guided by so many principles, and preconceived notion that even if I think of doing something out of the box it gives me chills. I worry too much about what others will think. For example right now, while writing this article I have doubts about posting it. What if there is a grammatical mistake? What if the English seems too simple? Or what if knowing about my feelings people start judging me?

It took a lot of time for me to get convinced. I told myself “You are not a writer, neither are you writing this article to get likes. These are just simple thoughts from your mind which you have penned down to understand and accept yourself in a better way. There is no compulsion of posting it. But if somewhere, somebody feels the same way, by reading this, may be that person will get some courage that they are not alone.”

Hence I have decided that my very first post will not have any specific topic. This is for myself and for all those who get scared by thinking about others judgement and don’t do what their heart wants. I am going to try this new thing and I am feeling great right now. I hope you also lift yourself up and do whatever you want. Make yourself proud rather than thinking about other people. Remember, only the first step is the hardest, the rest will follow.