Nave meet world, world meet Nave

(July 6, 2016; Dow Jones 17,866.78) Soooo my story is: I’m writing my ass off for others this summer, which means I am thoroughly uninteresting on Medium. I will, however, be writing in the royal we for the Mexico City laboratory/studio/gallery/cultural center we are now 1.5 years into launching.

You think that fact (forever in start-up phase) is cuz we haven’t differentiated, but this isn’t true. In a city of 27 million, sure we do a little of a lot. But… what we do best is complex discussion of human sensory experience, con mezcales, following events that prompt said discussion.

We are dynamic, yes. But this is 2016, the age of adapt or get out. And mostly we are just down for being smart with you. In all of the ways that we can be. This is because we really believe that art just might change the world, change what it means to be human after this, and um, even mitigate some of the bullshit out there.

A place of encounter under permanent construction. That’s our mantra. Though we mostly say it in Spanish. And thus, if you are looking for things to keep an eye on on Medium, we (really I) totally dig and will be indebted to you for adds here:

A place of encounter under permanent construction