The straw that broke capitalism’s back

I wrote an article a year ago titled, “A vote for Trump is a vote for revolution.” I meant socialist revolution. But then I binned it after my dad told me only a white girl ex-patted to Mexico can afford to assume that risk. (He was right.) So I’m not saying that here, but what I am saying is:

Everyone at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design is talking unionization in the halls this semester, and Louis Menand just wrote in The New Yorker, “…The writer who made this prediction was, of course, Karl Marx, and the pamphlet was ‘The Communist Manifesto.’ He is not wrong yet.”

In The New Yorker. Not Jacobin. In an eight page article―if you count the full page illustration that is Marx’s face created from black letter. BTW about Jacobin, did you know that they have a web audience of 700,000 a month right now? I mean, did I board a plane in Mexico City and land on another planet? Do presses in Cuba even get that kind of following?

All I keep thinking is what if the implosion of capitalism, the end of the process, I mean, turned up in the form of a wigged member of the bourgeoisie. That that wigged man looks and sounds so much like a pig makes me almost believe there are gods who script this shit.