Language as a Fiction: Who exactly dictates what we think, how we speak and how we behave?

Artwork: The Swarm, digital. 1 of a series ©

It has been said we’re often taking a picture because we have seen a picture like it. But do we question the veracity of these pictures enough? And in this moment might we apply the same questioning and reasoning to our use and understanding of language? We are often saying something, regaling a tale and succumbing to a narrative, because we have heard — or have been fed — one just like it. Do we question the veracity of language enough?

A wasp or swarm of wasps that feels threatened will sting continuously until they feel safe again.

Many species…

To better understand tomorrow’s hypermediated world, we could do worse than to follow the experience of today’s video gamers. Writer and artist Michael Salu considers the increasing prevalence of synthesised experience in our day-to-day lives

League of Legends World Championship, audience 2017, copyright Riot Games

Aside from a brief flirtation in the late-Nineties with the Tekken video game series (1994–2015) on Sony’s first-generation PlayStation, the multiplayer mode of GoldenEye 007 (1997) on the Nintendo 64 was my last real gaming moment. Over the past few years, however, my interest in gaming has had a second wind, and themes associated with gaming have become a dominant part of my fiction and art. I’m interested in the social and ideological refractions of digital and physical worlds as they merge and how they might alter the mind.

GoldenEye, a straightforward first-person perspective shoot ’em up game created by…

“Is there a case to suggest that language as we know it doesn’t actually belong to us anymore?” 5x15 Amsterdam speaker Michael Salu explores how technology impacts languages, social behaviour and ultimately, alters our ability to perceive.

This is an edited transcript of a talk I gave at the 5x15 talk series last spring. To listen to the full talk, follow the embed below.

Hello everyone, well I’m delighted to join this great group of speakers, so thank you 5x15.

So I have fifteen minutes, which I suppose does seem apt for this talk, particularly if one considers Andy Warhol’s famous utterance about all of us eventually acquiring our own fifteen minutes of fame.

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An ancient necropolis in Ibiza makes for an interesting location from which to ruminate on the possibility of an afterlife for the earth and her humans.

© Michael Salu

Nestled under Ibiza’s Old Town is Puig Des Molins, a Phoenician necropolis which dates back to approximately 600BC and is considered one of the largest and best-preserved necropolis along in the West. Necropolises, ancient burial sites research suggests, were made significant in the ancient West by the early influence of the Egyptians. With their substantial consideration for life beyond the life lived on earth within our fallible corporeality, the construction of bespoke places of rest or residence for the dead became a burial practice adopted by many western civilisations through history. Based on the research available to us, we can…

Michael Salu

📝🎨🗣 Working in cyberreality and corporeality. Words in various e.g #freemansjournal @catapultstory | Agent: Seren Adams, United Agents.

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