Je suis humanity

The place we all call our home, our own Earth has become increasingly inhospitable for us human beings, not because a nuclear disaster had occured, or because of the water shortages and definately not because of the growing need for food thanks to overpopulation.

This hostility in our planet is happening because human life has lost its value so much that every day we watch on the news about mass shootings, suicide attacks, murders and we act like it’s something normal, something indifferent unless a loved one is among the victims, only then we realise the real value of human value.

Unfortunately though there has been another human kind failure leading us to feel like our home is not anymore ideal to live in. I’m talking about the price tag we put on lives depending on the colour mostly, on race, religion, sexual orientation, able bodied or disabled and we rate one life more valuable against another one.

Lately we have witnessed a lot of terrorist attacks, like the latest in Baghdad, which was one of the deadliest on Iraqi soil since the US-led invasion, countless attacks in Turkey alone this year, one in Bangladesh earlier this month, and there has been the attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Guess what? The attention of Western media has focused mainly on the attacks in Paris and Brussels, in the heart of Europe, kept broadcasting about it for days and even a trending topic has emerged when those attacks happened and will come up in the future #Jesuisandthenameoftheplace, like #JesuisCharlie.

I return to the notion of human life losing its value, when terrorists plan an attack and just before carry it out they don’t even think that it’s something wrong and shameful that life of another person, be it a fellow muslim or a european matters, instead they kill without any remorse at all.

The question is: what can we do to change the world? I’m talking about reasonable people, people who don’t put their blinkers on and go back to their lives like nothing has happened, people who put humanity first instead of their own self, religion and race.

From all of them the moral obligation to change the world mostly belong to millenials. The answer on what they can do to change the current status quo is first of all to challenge themseves, next is to challenge people of their age with a destructive or ignorant mindset, to chalenge those on key positions to make that change happen.

The most important thing we the millenials can do is to pass on to the next generation the importance of human life despite of colour, religion, race etc and of how important is to stand united against all ods

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Mahatma Ghandi