Invitation to join Etherize’s competition

Last week we announced the End-To-End Encrypted Wallet as a Service for Ethereum, Etherize. This week we are inviting you to join Etherize’s first competition! The competition is a call to build apps or services on top of Ethereum, using Etherize. The main audience of the competition is businesses that want to integrate Ethereum into an existing product, or developers who want to prototype an idea on top of Ethereum, which might become a product in the future. The competition is open from today, April 17th, until July 1st and the winners will be announced on the 9th of July.

The prizes

There is no competition without a prize, so here’s what you will compete for. The best entry will win the Unlimited Plan of Etherize for a year. The second and third best will receive the Professional Plan for a year. And all the team members of the best three entries will receive a glass ornament to remember that they built something great 😊

Some ideas you might find interesting

Here are some ideas off the top of our heads, just to give you a starting point (on which you can build).

Autonomous hedge fund (Includes Smart Contract)
A system where a group of users can create a fund and the decision of where to send the fund is taken when a 51% (for example) of agreement between the founders is met.

Autonomous e-voting system (Includes Smart Contract)
A system where users can create and submit polls backed by a Smart Contract, and other users can anonymously submit a vote on them.

Coin factory (Includes Smart Contract)
A system where users can create (ERC20) Coins. These coins will be controlled by utilizing Smart Contracts (don’t panic, it’s way easier to do it than it sounds)

Automatic payment verification (Includes Smart Contract)
A system where you create a process where you enable users to pay a fee and you return an electronic receipt to them (signature) that proves that they paid the agreed amount.

Autonomous betting system (Includes Smart Contract)
A system where users can submit bets between them, executed in the form of Smart Contracts.

Don’t be afraid of Smart Contracts, especially since we are planning a series of tutorial posts on them 😉

Smart Wallet
An Ether Wallet add-on for a communication channel (i.e. Gmail) which will be parsing the incoming communication and auto-populating inferred requested transactions. For example, if the incoming message is “Please send me 0.01 ETH at 0x2aF9338C1bb4B9bbb17165879E354a5F51CC07D2” and the user opens the Wallet, then the Wallet will have auto-populated the address and the amount of the transaction.

Submission criteria

Here are the criteria that your submission must meet in order to be evaluated:

  • It must be running live-ish. What that practically means is that if your project is a web app, then it should be at least running on a server. In case it’s a mobile app, it should be distributed through the test channel of the app store. If it’s a hardware project, then it should be running on a prototype of the hardware (like Raspberry Pi for example)
  • It must be open-source, no matter what license you choose
  • It must be integrating Etherize, by calling its REST API and client library

The caveats

Here are the caveats. So far we have released the client library of Etherize as an npm package. This enables you to use it in web apps, node.js services, Electron and React Native apps. If you want to integrate it with another platform (like Ruby on Rails for example), then contact us and we’ll send you a prototype library for the requested platform within two days. Last, our service is in beta version. That means that you might bump into bugs. When that happens, please open a bug so we can prioritize its fix.

How to submit your entry

Simply email us a short (aprox. 500 words) description of your project and how to use it, its public repository and the Github or LinkedIn profiles of the team members. If your project is using a hardware component, then contact us in order to arrange to mail it to us.