My first time in (UX) Poland

I’ve never been in Poland and so neither at UX Poland.Reaching the Copernicus Science Centre by feet is a great experience.

I do love breathing the taste of a different country, especially if unknown, and this put me in the best mood to face the conference.

The theme of these days talks is
“Responsability in design”
and the start is actually promising: 
Kendra L. Shimmell @kshimmell gives the “reverse angle” of the new future of our life, explaining in details the good and the bad of the UBER like application.

Europe is not US and we’re not yet invaded by applications that can do thousands of jobs for us.

You can “rent” a lot of personal activities to others through an app: garden, pet sitting, laundry, home repairs and so on.

The idea is simple: there are people with money and there are people with free time, why not engaging one with each other throw a digital connection?

It’s the app that makes the link between Supply & Demand and gives people more free time to be more present for the activities they really love to do, like being with kids or enjoying jogging in the park.

On the other hand unemployed people could find a way to start working.

This obviously has an huge impact, thinking about the “onboarding the workforce”, it’ absolutely a great HR challenge.

In the first day good spots came also from some other speakers:

You can make the difference by ‘changing the language’. Don’t be a textbook teacher
Always be prepared to be misunderstood, and be ready to react consequently
Empathy is not equal care. With great power comes great responsibilities

The day after, another stunning start: Jeff Gothelf @jboogie the guru of LEAN UX
Listening to his talks is always so inspiring, and gives me even more desire to experiment daily what he tells.

It’s much better making artefacts than creating archives and testing as soon as possible with the smallest thing we can make or do to verify our assumptions.

And what’s better for a UX conference to experiment something new in the breaks?

  • Polish food, actually not the best ever tried
  • XBOX Forza driving game sitting in a proper Formula one cockpit (not exactly as Sebastian Vettel, but doing my best)
  • VR htc VIVE experience. Wooow, it’s still tricky to start and wear glasses and headphones, but when you are in, you’re definitely immerse in a parallel world.

Strangely enough almost all the presentations of the afternoon had a slide abot NEST learning thermostat. And I have to admit that definitely it was a UX piece of art.

<script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8"></script>

Strangely enough almost all the presentation of the afternoon had a slide abot NEST learning thermostat. And I have to admit that definitely it was a UX piece of art.

It perfectly matches the 3 design concepts our UXD team pursues: Simplicity, Clarity and Modernity. I’m looking forward to have it in my house.

The conference ends with my most loved quote of the the whole day:

Do it, maybe make your mistake, but instead of complaining for your or other’s wrong decisions, look forward for the next opportunity.